Waiting For You Baby Blanket

I am so pleased this baby blanket is off my hook, because I can’t wait to get another one on my hook but in a different colour. This beautiful vintage peach one is stroller size (33″ x 30″) and I would really like to make a slightly bigger version, so I’m not going to release the pattern just yet. I do have one pattern tester slot left for this blanket, so do get in touch with me if you fancy hooking this. If you have never pattern tested before that’s ok…it’s quite a simple process and I would be really grateful. You will get the edited pattern and another pattern of your choice for free as a thank you.

I have loved making this blanket, I love how the chunky rib border has those beautiful rounded edges and how those accent dots line up politely. The simplicity of this blanket is its charm and I have called it The Waiting for You blanket; because it is the perfect thing to make whilst you are waiting for a special arrival.

Incidentally, today happens to be random act of kindness day. I don’t think we should have a day dedicated to random kindness, I think that should be just a part of every day business. However, in the spirit of #randomactofkindnessday if you pop over to my instagram page (@yarnyrobin) you will find my pattern giveaway competition…but hurry as I will be drawing it on 18th Februaryy 2022 at 12noon GMT…that’s tomorrow!



Operation Yarny H.U.G begins…

A little later than I had anticipated, but operation Yarny H.U.G has begun. 

H.U.G being a ‘Happy Unexpected Gift… a yarny one of course!

hooking happy...
hooking happy…

Whilst I was enjoying the short daily posts throughout February as part of #yarnlovechallenge I set to work with my hook and some scraps of yarn and made these beautiful may roses by Lucy @Attic24.

may roses in the making...
may roses in the making…

With the addition of a hanging loop and a clip, I soon had a little tree full…

Jess approved of course…

I also have a small shoe box full of half completed ones too. 


With the cute little cards attached I am ready to leave them all over, just waiting, ready to be found…A Happy Unexpected Gift; a great big yarny HUG.

Why not join me in spreading a bit of yarny love.  To get involved just leave me a message. 

Take it, embrace it, be a part of it!


A yarny HUG in 2017

A yarny HUG or Happy Unexpected Gift. 

A new project launched here at the nest which will run over the course of 2017.  Aiming to distribute love, joy and hope at random through yarny little gifts.


I will post more about this over the coming weeks.

There will be the chance to join me if you wish,

Take it, embrace it and be a part of it!



And the yarny winner is…

I love this bit…announcing the winner of my yarny competition.  Last year Mr R drew names from a wooly hat in traditional old skool style


This year however, I have allocated all entrants a random number and then got all high tech and used  Random.org to select a winner.  A massive thank you to all of you who entered, I wish I could let you all win, but alas that is not possible.

So with out any further ado the winner of this hank of gorgeous baby alpaca yarn…

glorious alpaca yarn
glorious alpaca yarn

is Denise over at Nerdish Delights.  Huge yarny congratulations to you Denise, I will email you now to arrange delivery of this yumminess.



Graffiti Robin…

*There is still time to enter the yarny give-a-way here*

I stumbled upon an arty robin last weekend, well I say stumbled… it was more like rode.  I dusted off Bella and wheeled her out into the day light, hoiked her onto the bike rack and off we all went.

WP_20160731_16_37_23_ProIt had been way too long since the last time we had an afternoon out in the countryside together, and as we cycled our cares flew from us and we felt light.  We stopped at points to play in the stream

InstagramCapture_f7681672-3d28-4f73-89d4-39967061704brace each other,

WP_20160731_16_02_08_Proor just to admire the scenery and breathe out.

WP_20160731_16_02_03_ProAnd then we stumbled upon this…

WP_20160731_16_26_57_Pro(You may have to lean back and  squint a little)….Not everyone’s cup of tea, but talented and arty non the less, and it made us smile! 

We rode on some  more, and returned home fulfilled and tired.  The perfect excuse to put up my feet and get out my hook.

InstagramCapture_a30fea23-613a-4f2f-8788-4163b29b22ddI didn’t move until I had finished the main body of this Very V blanket, but I had been undisciplined throughout and had not woven in the ends as I had been hooking!!!  Oh my, that is what I have been doing this week…Its a good job I don’t mind weaving in those ends isn’t it!  

Now to border it before next Friday…





A Yarny Giveaway…

Yes, that’s right I’m having a little yarny giveaway here at the Nest.  The purpose for such frivolity I hear you ask?

Well, it is a belated celebration of my 2 year blogging anniversary; which was actually back in June.  Whilst I was aware this occasion had come and gone, life was a little too hectic to mark the occasion.  So, I parked the celebration temporarily and am now ready with a little yarny give-a-way.


This year has been frantic and I want to thank  all of my regular readers for being patient with me along this journey and for all of your cheering on! It has really helped me and if you’re relatively new around here consider it a welcome. 

So before I get to the give-a-way, I thought I would just highlight some of my favourite posts from the last 12 months.

 100 patch granny
100 patch granny

The 100 patch granny blanket…

blog post here

joining tutorial here

wpid-dsc_0621.jpgA hooky bake off

WP_20160127_09_29_27_SmartThe world’s smallest library

wp_20160217_21_40_10_proA yarny little leaf pattern



Robins nest square pattern

I love a little look back, don’t you?

So Give-a-way time…cue the party poppers!!! It’s easy to enter and is open to all.  The prize to covet is this…

WP_20160729_19_28_04_ProA gorgeous hank of beautifully soft baby alpaca wool in Lichen by Louisa Harding; which has an added touch of sparkle with a fine gold metallic thread. 

glorious alpaca yarn
glorious alpaca yarn



alpaca yarn

This yarn is gorgeous, I hooked with it a while ago…remember?

lightweight glamour...
lightweight glamour…

So the entry rules are simple.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is leave a comment below.  If you are reading this on facebook then like the page and leave a comment also.  Simples!  Closing date for entries is 22nd August 2016.


South African yarniness…

I am soooo super excited to share this post with you.  I love reading other blogs some crochet related, some not.  Exploring new blogs within the community is never dull, but I also have my firm favourites which are always a good read and I look forward to their posts and what they have to say.

WP_20160519_19_05_11_ProOne of those firm favourites is written by Joey over at littleblackdogsa  who recently celebrated her 4th fantastic year of blogging with a give-a-way.  Here comes the exciting bit…

I WON! Yes….. I won! 

I received an email a few weeks ago from Joey letting me know I had won, right in the middle of a ‘research and specialist inquiry’ lecture.  Which incidentally was soooo tediously uninteresting, that when I read the email congratulating me on my win, I was so surprised that a rather loud gasp escaped into the classroom….ooops!  Needless to say I did not listen to the rest of the lecture, but instead ruminated what I may hook with the yarn I had won.

  I have waited very patiently since, and then just yesterday I came home to a wonderful parcel which had made it’s way from South Africa…Isn’t this yarn simply stunning.

simply gorgeous
simply gorgeous



it is super soft
it is super soft

  I can’t wait to hook with this yarn and create a beautiful something or other….I’m still undecided as to what to hook, but I will be blogging about whatever it is for sure.

So if you have  a spare couple of moments and want a really good read, pop over to South Africa and visit Joey







And the winner is…

So, today is the day to draw the winner of

the yarny give-a-way.


What better way to cheer up a very rainy day…I have relished this lazy Saturday…in the rain,

mooching around town in the rain
mooching around town in the rain

I gathered supplies for a rainy day activity for the little robins

rainy day supplies
rainy day supplies

and could not resist these bright sunny gerberas

sunny gerberas
sunny gerberas

After lunch the boys settled in for the afternoon with a movie…which gave Mr R and myself the opportunity to deploy ‘operation laser alley’

our hallway became a laser alley
our hallway became a laser alley

and then we enjoyed a coffee together and waited for the boys to discover their mission…and while we waited I began the yarny robin give-a-way draw

26 of you lovelies entered
26 of you lovelies entered

and into the beanie cap you all went


but there could only be one winner….and the

winner is……..


 Congratulations nanacathy2, you are the proud owner of more yarn!!