For the month of February, I will be joining the


set up by Mary Heather  of maryheatherbrowne and Christina over at Oharethey.  A daily photo post of my love for yarn.  Each day is themed, as set out below

untitledThere is a ravelry group too and Instagram of course.

So this is my introduction photo to kick off…

A rare picture of me...
A rare picture of me…

from here on in it will be a more yarny themed photo

(I promise) with a  little caption.  Feel free to join in


Day 2: Close Up                                          Day 15: Family

Day 3: Currently Making                       Day 16: Happy Colour

Day 4: Speed                                                Day 17: Fibre Friends

Day 5: Community                                   Day 18: Gratitude

Day 6: Mistakes                                         Day 19: On the Go

Day 7:Stripes                                               Day 20: Handmade home

Day 8: Where I Craft                                Day 21: Library

Day  9: Tools                                                Day 22: Currently wearing 

Day 10: Oldest stash                                Day 23: Throwback 

Day 11: Travel projects                            Day 24: Favourite tip 

Day 12: Progress                                         Day 25: Routine 

Day 13: Selfie                                                Day 26: Newest Stash 

Day 14: Yarn love❤                                 Day  27: Blocking 

                                   Day 28: Favourite thing I’ve made



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