A Whole Lot of Love Beanie

Thank you for the lovely feedback I have received on my free baby blanket pattern; if you missed it you can find it by clicking on the link.

I had a lovely little hooking session yesterday evening, and this is what came off my hook. I am so in love with these sweet hats and I love the colours too!

I used a lovely little heart applique by petals to picots and my best beanie pattern and Voila!

These beauties are now available to purchase just here too.

So, quite a productive little evening, don’t you think? I love a quick make!

What’s your favourite quick make?


End of year review…Bring on 2018

2017 has certainly had it’s ups and it’s downs.  I am pleased  to report that it is ending on an up.  I have really enjoyed perusing back through my posts and have picked out my favourite from each month in way of  reviewing 2017 here at the nest.  Before we begin I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of my seasoned readers, to those of you that have recently discovered this little corner of yarniness and to you if you have  just stumbled across this post by accident.

Without all of you, I would just be here, hooking and writing and hooking some more; annoying my family by taking photo’s every 2 minutes and whilst that would be ok, it is so much more fun with you dropping by and saying hi every once in a while.  You encourage me and inspire me to keep blogging about all things yarny and for that I am very grateful. 

So grab a glass of prosecco or the bottle!  or maybe a cuppa if you prefer and lets look back at 2017 here at the nest.

January 2017 

shawl crochet ayarnyrobin
crochet in bed.

2017 began with shawls, having completed x2 virus shawls I had the bug for more.  This‘ is the ‘pink shawl’ by Cecile Balladino,  and it is still one of my favourites although I still can’t call it the ‘pink shawl!’

February 2017

#yarnlove challenge 2017

I had so much fun doing the yarn love challenge during February.  A post a day was a challenge, but I relished the daily prods to share. 

I’d love to do this again in 2018. 

Here is a little link to my favourite #yarnlovechallenge post and another favourite… well I couldn’t just pick one!

March 2017

Sunday Shawl by Alia Bland
Sunday Shawl hooking

Another month another shawl…This time the beautiful Sunday Shawl by Alia Bland.  This project proved to be the perfect way to jump into spring, maybe it was those delicious pastels against the warmth of the grey.


Alpaca cake…

A milestone birthday, an alpaca birthday cake, and a graduation. I couldn’t have imagined a happier set of celebrations. I was so  blissfully unaware of the catastrophe about to beset us.

May 2017

Interlocking stitch

At least I got some crochet in whilst juggling hospital trips and the absence of a critically ill Mr R…crochet is not only my joy it’s my default when things get tough…my sanity. 

This Baby Wilmer blanket, filled me with hope, a new life just entering this world, whilst life at the nest  felt as if it had paused in some horrific nightmare.

June 2017 

yarnbomb, ayarnyrobin gate installation

Mr R had prayerfully turned a corner  and our healing had begun, it was time for some fun and this yarny gate installation celebrated that!

July 2017

free dog collar crochet pattern...simple free pattern which you can crochet in under an hour
Jess… with her new crochet collar.

Still healing, but healing well! 

Small projects worked best and this ‘Oh so cute’ free dog collar pattern went down a treat with little Jess.

August 2017

C2C crochet baby blanket, crochet heart squares in paintbox cotton yarn
crochet and coffee

I fell so in love with these adorable C2C (corner to corner)hearts that I just couldn’t stop hooking them!  I couldn’t!! 

They fell off my hook so quickly that before I knew where I was I had enough for a blanket of hearts. 

I have to confess that I still need to border this lovely…yes it is still a PHD (project half done).  In my defense I just can’t decide what colour to border it in!

September 2017

crochet barefoot sandals - Corfu designed by ayarnyrobin.wordpress.com, summer feet
Corfu – Barefoot sandals

September felt much more ‘normal’ although I don’t know why…I spent a large majority of it bobbing around on a lazy river being drenched in golden sunshine on the amazing island of Corfu.  I didn’t forget about you though…look I made these barefoot sandals  by the pool… here’s the link to the free pattern just in case you fancy a pretty 20 minute hook up!

October 2017

Autumn woodland walks a plenty, a suprising wildlife sighting and family…I am so blessed.

November 2017

The Grandma Dot Tea Cosy, crochet tea cosy, The Grandma Collection by ayarnyrobin
Grandma Dot Tea Cosy

Finally, the release of my newest tea cosy in the Grandma Collection…the Grandma Dot tea cosy.  I don’t know why this took me so long to publish but it did.  Anyway, thank you for your frankly very kind feedback about this free pattern…there will be another one coming very shortly in the new year.

December 2017

loom knitted hat, ayarnyrobin
loom knitted beanie…

I told you 2017 ended on an up…the hat fit!

Enough said. 

Thank you 2017 for the joy, for the triumphs, for the challenge and even for the heartbreak…for all the folk that have stood alongside me whether that has been for a few minutes, a few days or for those lifers that are always cheering me on… you know who you are.  

Finally, thank you once again to you, for riding this journey with me… I think you are amazing and want to wish you all a very blessed and  extremely yarny 2018…

wherever it may take you.



Just in time for Christmas…

I just wanted to bob in and out quickly to let you know I did it…I got the hat done and this time it fits!

What do you think?

loom knitted hat, ayarnyrobin
loom knitted beanie…

I am really pleased with it! 

I used Stylecraft Special Chunky in Midnight and King Cole Tonal Chunky in Misty Teal this time and this seems to have made all the difference in terms of size and stretch.  It still needs to stretch a bit…it is an only just fit, but I am hoping it will stretch a little more as it gets worn.  The hats I have made previously have always stretched a bit when worn. 

If you are interested in the pattern details the links to such can be found in this post. I modified the brim slightly by adding a row of double crochet to the bottom of the brim once I had taken it off the loom.  I found the edge curled outwards otherwise and didn’t lie flat.  I think this may have something to do with my cast on technique and being a novice loom knitter!

So there it is… just in time for Christmas! 

I would recommend this pattern if you are still outstanding a hand made gift for Christmas…4 hours and I had this knocked out, so there is still time!

Talking of which if you do celebrate this festive season then I wish you a peaceful and very happy Christmas.    If you are not celebrating then I wish you a happy and crafty weekend.  I will try and pop by before the new year, I’m sure I will feel the need to escape the madness at some point.


Picture Perfect…

A picture perfect weekend…

With all this snow, I have started another hat…let’s see if I can make this one to fit Mr R’s head this time!!! 

Yes, the countdown to Christmas has begun at the nest. 


Hats life!

Thank you so much for your hat suggestions, I have really enjoyed looking at them and reading your thoughts about them. In the end I went with a loom knitted hat, inspired in part by a post I read by Kagibari ami unravelled and a forgotten find in the back of a wardrobe. 

Do you remember this?


Well if I am honest, I had forgotten about it too and seemingly abandoned it in the back of a wardrobe. 

This was my first dabble with loom knitting and on closer inspection, it was a bit holey and I could not remember what pattern I was using or where I had got up to.  So after  falling into the abyss of you tube and loosing myself for almost a whole day, I set my beating heart  upon this pattern

bicolour brioche stitch hat  by Tuteate.

loom knitted beanie hat

I unravelled the yarn from my loom, and began again… only this time I was making a beanie hat for Mr. R. 

loom knitting beanie hat


Oh! how I loved knitting and purling, even if I did have to rip it back 3 times…yes 3 times!!!! to start over and make an emergency dash to the habadashery shop when I snapped my loom pick as my tension was too tight! 

loom knitting beanie hat

When I saw those knitted stripes in perfect formation I didn’t care that my fingers hurt a little or that I had ceased all work on my Charming Harbour Blanket for my new love.

loom knitted beanie hat

I soldiered on until the end, enjoying every knit stitch and every purl stitch until I cast off and realised…

loom knitted beanie hatthis beautiful beanie would not be gracing the fair head of Mr R at all because it was just too small…

but it did fit my little birthday Robin and doesn’t he look dandy in it?

birthday robin

and just in time for the snow!




Crochet, senior moments and mud!

What do crochet, senior moments and mud have in common? 

Well the answer is me! 

It has been a looooong week…let’s just say that.  Yesterday I was the Duty Health Visitor in the office, we take it in turns to triage calls and sort out various problems…I won’t bore you with the detail.  I took a call from a worried parent and said I’d get the Duty Health Visitor (which was me…I just forgot!!)  After  several enquiries amongst my colleagues I was gently reminded (actually,ribbed to the max) it was me.  I returned to the phone and in a posher voice said Duty Health Visitor, how can I help you? 

This was followed later in the day when I received an email from my GP asking me to attend a well woman check (for women over a certain age)…sigh! 

Then…yes there is more! I had to ask to borrow my Mom’s glasses for the very first time ever to read a food packet. 

Oh my!…little signs.

Another feature looming large in my week has been mud…lots of mud.  I have become a rugby mamma and I need help!  How on earth do I get this….erm…earth out of his kit.

Proud of my boy…he sure can tackle!

Please let me have any top tips for getting rid of all this mud! 

I also need your crochet help…pattern recommendations.  I want to make a few beanie style hats for Christmas, male and female.  I have a few, but they always seem to come off my hook too large or I am always a little disappointed with them.  Can you wholeheartedly recommend a superb pattern?  I would be  so very grateful. 

Have a great weekend.


All the fun of the Circus!

Well as the title suggests, we’ve been to the circus this half term and had sooo much fun…. I’ve got some hookin’ done to show you and some exciting news to tell you also.

all thrill is an understatement!
all thrill is an understatement!

The Circus came to town quite literally and up went the big top and the signs and I thought that sounds like quite a lot of fun, so we headed off  and that’s exactly what happened… we had lots of fun together and were treated to some outstanding entertainment that in places were quite terrifying to watch.  Not a harness or safety net in sight, there were gasps from the audience and the modern day clowns (that were not scary at all!) made us chuckle out loud.



our ticket in
our ticket in


So, if this circus should come to a town near you, then it is well worth a visit.  Did you notice my hat… that is one of this weeks finishes… It’s not on my YOP list, but I needed a beanie and it only took an afternoon to make.  Here are some clearer pictures of it…

my beanie love
my beanie love

2014-10-27 14.56.51

love notion
love notion

I adore the love notion which really finishes it off a treat, the yarn is delicious and was not only lovely to hook, but it is warm and snuggly too!  Project notes can be found here.

I’ve also made lots more poppies, much like these ones as I have been inundated with requests for them, as I have for brainwave beanies so guess what I am currently up to!

So to my exciting news… I have been short listed for interview, this Thursday coming for my Return to Nursing Course at Uni….. as I’ve written that I realise that may not be hugely exciting for you and it might just be for me… so I will also let you know that this week I have started on my first crochet pattern, that will be free to my lovely readers and will be coming very soon.  


I have also received a nomination for the above, which is lovely, so will post about that separately in the week!  If you would like to be nominated for the award click here and leave me a message!

So with all my news shared, I’ll be off…have a good week and enjoy the fireworks!


Year of Projects Progress


This week has come and gone in a flurry it now seems and I am happy to report that some progress has been made on my year of project list.

bliss x
bliss x

I had a lovely couple of days at the beginning of the week, catching up with friends sharing latte’s and maybe the odd cake here and there!  I have enjoyed several long walks with the dogs through the autumnal leaves that are now carpeting most of the fields and parks nearby.

walking the dogs x
walking the dogs x

We also had a Parent’s evening thrown in mid week – which was a pleasure on all 3 counts I am both pleased and proud to say.  Even work has come and gone quickly this week and so I find myself as I write this at the start of half term, looking forward to and easing into a long weekend (4 days) to be precise, of fun and family and no alarm clock!!!

I have some finishes to show you, if you are a regular reader you will have already seen a couple of  them in the last 2 posts…. 

brain wave beanies for the boys...
brain wave beanies for the boys…

remembrance poppy
remembrance poppy

If however, you have not read the finished posts, more details on patterns and yarn can be found on these links:



I did manage another brain wave beanie, this time for Mr. R, who was super thrilled as he is working on a roof this coming week.

Mr R's beanie
Mr R’s beanie

Details of how my list is now looking can be found here and if you would like to join in or take a look at other folk’s progress you can check out the group just here


A beanie or 2!

brainwave beanie
Autumn Robin enjoyed choosing his own colours!


So here are the promised pics of the beanies I hooked up last week.  The pattern is called the Brain Waves Beanie by Liz McQueen.

I made both my boys an adult sized hat from the FREE pattern, which has lots of clear instructions and is easy to follow.  The only thing I didn’t have was the stated yarn weight so made these ones from my trusted stylecraft DK Special… it took me a couple of attempts to get the guage correct because of this and my first try was disappointingly huge!! So I came down a couple of hook sizes and used a 4.5mm hook and crocheted using the yarn double stranded… which as you can see has made up a dense, snug fitting hat.

brainwave beanie with ear flaps
brainwave beanie with ear flaps

Summer Robin made a design tweak and requested the addition of ear flaps… I added one of those cute ele buttons on each hat, expecting a protest… but they loved them and you can’t ask more than that!

it was at the bottom of a stash bag!


Well this week I am posting and posting on time!

It’s been a while I know… but I think that I must start by thanking some very special people.  If you read last weeks post you will know that I had lost my crojo! and I was desperate to find it again.  After searching high and low to no avail, these very kind folk all offered their help in hunting for my elusive  and misplaced enthusiasm;

Lucy, from aknitandacake despite having no crojo herself mailed me some enthusiasm.

Kim, from auntmaudknits kindly offered to send the great Aunt Maud herself, to come and have a good old rummage around in the search!!!

Ruth, from mysparemoments offered to search despite her leg being in a cast.

Iris, over at thegreenonion  offered some of her very own crojo.

Last but by no means least…Sandra, atfarmgirlsam suggested amongst other things a bit of yarny retail therapy.

I am pleased to report that after all that help, I found my crojo at the bottom of an old stash bag… and got x2 items ticked off my year of projects list.  A beanie for my Summer Robin and another for my Autumn Robin…I have no pics as they are away this weekend and their beanies have gone with them!  I will post in the week about them.

2014-10-18 17.37.27

As you can see from the photo I took Sandra’s advice and indulged in some (restrained) yarny retail therapy.  Isn’t it delicious…it’s telling me to hook it into some hottie covers for Christmas!

2014-10-18 17.45.34

I also had a little dabble around in Etsy and got these cute little elephant buttons.

bowling balls
bowling balls

I have also spent some very precious time with lil robins this weekend as it has just been him and me, as big brother is at scout camp and other big brother and Mr. R are on a cubs, lads and dads weekend. Lil robins’ requested we go bowling and eat pizza

2014-10-18 16.11.37

and ice cream

2014-10-18 16.29.06

He has talked my head off about flying cars and ninjago.  We’ve played pool and drunk slush puppies too, had long walks with the dogs in our wellies, watched movies snuggled up together and he has enjoyed sleeping in Mommy’s bed and Mommy has enjoyed that too!

Anyway, have a good week and thanks again for all of your help, I am going to enjoy the last few hours with lil Robins, we’re off to church, before the boys return with all that dirty, dirty washing!!