Peony Baby Bib Set Crochet Pattern…


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This beautiful Peony Bib set is both pretty and practical as well as perfect for a
special occasion. Made from 100% cotton, these bibs are absorbent making them
ideal for catching dribble.
The patterns are suitable for a beginner with some experience of basic crochet
stitches and each bib uses less than 50g of cotton… just perfect for gifting a special
little someone!

I have really enjoyed putting this beautiful Peony Bib set together and I hope that you love it just as much as me. The pattern suggests using Drops Safran 100% Cotton yarn and if you have been following my recent posts you will know this is my go to cotton yarn. The cotton makes these bibs super absorbent, so just perfect for dribbling, teething babies. Not only that, but it is also Oeko Tex standard 100 approved; which means the cotton has been certified to be free of harmful chemicals and is safe for human use, as well as being verified as both safe and non irritating to human skin.

The handy Bib printable were made for me by MJHARRISPRINTABLES. I highly recommend this shop for all of your crochet gifts, if you want to label them professionally.

This bib set would make a great baby shower gift, coupled with my free Teething ring pattern…don’t you think? So if you fancy 10% off this pattern use code Happy10… but hurry because that offer won’t be around for long!

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Jubilee Bunting…free crochet pattern

With Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee just around the corner I thought I’d share my progress on my Jubilee decorations and share the pattern with you. After all what good is a garden party or afternoon tea without a bit of bunting?

To make the bunting flags please see my previous post just here They are simple to make and the lace trim gives a pretty, vintage vibe. What’s more if you tie your embellishments to the flags rather than sew them on, the bunting can be recycled and dressed up again for the next occasion / holiday season in your calendar…clever eh!

I wanted my Jubilee bunting to be traditional in colour , so of course it had to be red, white and blue, but I wanted it to look pretty and almost understated, so you won’t find any navy or lipstick red here! instead I chose a more muted red tone and coupled it with a mid blue. I also wanted to incorporate the Union Jack and found these gorgeous little buttons, which again are more subtle in tone.

Yarn: Drops Saffran in cherry and denim blue

Buttons: Buttonboxdevon

Pattern Notes

This pattern is written using UK crochet terminology and the stitch abbreviations can be found below. I have included US terminology in brackets if you wish to convert.

Stitch Abbreviations:

Ch- chain / chain (US)                               St – stitch / stitch (US)

Slst – slip stitch / slip stitch (US)              Tr – treble / double crochet (US)

Dc – double crochet / single crochet (US)  

Dc: Insert hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 2 loops on hook, yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook.                  

Tr: Yarn over hook, insert hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 3 loops on hook, yarn over again and pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook.

Large Jubilee Rose

In cherry

Leave a long tail, ch 50

Tr in 2nd ch from hook, tr in each ch along, dc in last ch

Ch3, turn

2tr in same space, 3tr in each st a long, dc in last st. Fasten off leaving a long tail

Small Jubilee Rose

In denim blue

Leave a long tail, ch 33

Tr in 2nd ch from hook, tr in each ch along, dc in last ch

Ch3, turn

2tr in same space, 3tr in each st a long, dc in last st. Fasten off leaving a long tail

To assemble

Spiral flower in an anti-clockwise direction with one long tail at the front of the rose and one long tail at the back of the rose. With a darning needle take the front tail through to the back of the rose to secure centre petal. Now make several passes of the needle at back of the rose making sure you catch all the layers of the rose. With other tail, thread darning needle and make several more passes at the back of the rose. Tie tails together in a knot to secure. Attach to bunting by passing both tails with a darning needle through to back of flag and tie neatly so tails tuck neatly behind flag and can be easily removed when you wish to re-dress your bunting. Add buttons to string in between flags with hot glue / glue gun.

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I would love to see your Jubilee Roses, so please tag me in your makes on social media and I will share your lovely makes.

#jubileerose / @yarnyrobin

Dress Me Up Bunting Free Pattern…

Hey lovely people, I wanted to share this crochet pattern for this beautiful, understated bunting, which has a distinct vintage vibe. I’ve called it ‘dress me up bunting’ because the whole idea behind this bunting is that you can dress it up for different celebrations with add-on decorations and then re-dress it all over again…think crochet flowers, faux flowers, ribbons, buttons etc.

I didn’t want to have to make bunting over and over again to fit themes and colour schemes, so I thought I’d make some pretty bunting flags which look great on their own and then I can dress the flags accordingly and temporarily, making them just about as versatile as they can be.

I think this bunting looks so pretty and I have had fun trying it out around the nest. I have strung them for now on some hessian garden twine by simply pulling the twine through a few stitches at the back of each flag.

I really wanted to share the pattern with you, so keep reading if you are itching to make your own. The pattern is quick to make and would make a lovely gift for a crafty friend. The pattern is simple and ideal for beginners, using half treble crochet (UK) or half double crochet (US) and some decrease stitches.

I already have plans to dress this bunting for the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations which are just a few weeks away now…so watch this space as I am currently hooking some Jubilee roses.

You will need to gather some simple supplies if you want to hook up your own ‘dress me up bunting’.

I used Drops Safran cotton yarn in off white. I made 7 flags from 50g and by keeping short tails.

A 3.5mm hook, scissors and darning needle

I chose a simple white lace with a depth of 4cms. I used 22cms per flag, so just over a 1m 50cms for the 7 flags I made.

I also used a glue gun to attach the lace, but you could also sew this on if you prefer.

You will also need some ribbon or twine to string your flags with.

Don’t forget to tag me with your bunting makes using #dressmeupbunting @yarnyrobin I would love to share your lovely makes!

Stitches Used.

Ch: chain st

st: stitch

Htr: Yarn over before inserting hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, insert hook, yarn over and pull through so there are 3 loops on the hook, yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on hook.

Htr-dec: Yarn over before inserting hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, insert hook, yarn over and pull through so there are 3 loops on the hook, yarn over and pull through 2 loops, yarn over, insert hook into next st, yarn over and pull through so there are 4 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through all 4 loops on hook.

The pattern is worked in rows and you will need to turn your work at the end of each row. Turning ch1 does not count as a st

Ch 31

R1: htr in 2nd ch from hook, htr in each ch along, ch1 turn (30htr)

R2 – 4: htr in each st along, ch1 turn (30htr)

R5: htr-dec, htr in next 26sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (28htr)

R6: htr-dec, htr in next 24sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (26htr)

R7: htr-dec, htr in next 22sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (24htr)

R8: htr-dec, htr in next 20sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (22htr)

R9: htr-dec, htr in next 18sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (20htr)

R10: htr-dec, htr in next 16sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (18htr)

R11: htr-dec, htr in next 14sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (16htr)

R12: htr-dec, htr in next 12sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (14htr)

R13: htr-dec, htr in next 10sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (12htr)

R14: htr-dec, htr in next 8sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (10htr)

R15: htr-dec, htr in next 6sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (8htr)

R16: htr-dec, htr in next 4sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (6htr)

R17: htr-dec, htr in next 2sts, htr-dec, ch1 turn (4htr)

R18: htr-dec, htr-dec, ch1 turn (2htr)

R19: htr-dec, (1htr) fasten off and weave in ends.

Use glue gun to attach lace across the top of the flag, making sure to secure a small overlap of lace at the back of the flag to give a neat edge. Alternatively, you could sew the lace in place with a needle and thread.

Make as many flags as you desire and simply string with ribbon or twine by hooking it through a few stitches at the back of the flag, behind the lace.

To make the flags hang nicely I hooked the twine through at 3 points on each flag, on the left, the right and in the centre.

You can now dress your bunting up with whatever you choose. In order to dress this bunting up and down attach any accessories so that they can easily be removed, that way your bunting can be dressed and re-dressed to your hearts content.

Don’t forget to tag me with your bunting makes using #dressmeupbunting @yarnyrobin I would love to share your lovely makes!

Free Galentines Coffee Cup Cosy…

crochet coffee cup cosy

It’s been a while since I gave you a free pattern and I really wanted to share something with you to celebrate Galentines Day, which is only a couple or so weeks away now. What’s more I’ve teamed up with my favourite coffee brand at Campfire Coffee, so you can grab 15% off some seriously awesome premium craft coffee to gift with your cosy or to sup yourself. Just use code


(campfire coffee offer entitles you to 15% off your order, one use per person and not valid on subscription orders)

I recommend the coffee bags for great coffee on the go!

This cute coffee cup cosy has a cute ribbed top brim and a chic lacy body made from clusters of v stitches, before nipping in at the base with a band of double crochet stitches and being finished with a yarny little heart.

The pattern is simple and quick to hook up and can be made from stash… just perfect for gifting and treating your best friends with or of course yourself!

You will need:

a small amount baby / sport weight yarn. I used Scheepjes stone washed in Moon Stone and Red Jasper. Pattern does share how to make cosy smaller or larger, so dk yarn will work also.

3.5mm hook,

darning needle to weave in the ends. 

Abbreviations used UK terminology (American terminology in brackets)

st – stitch

slst – slip stitch

ch – chain

dc – double crochet (sc -single crochet)

htr – half treble crochet (hdc – half double crochet)

tr – treble crochet (dc – double crochet)

dtr – double treble (tr – treble crochet)

Turning ch does not count as a st unless otherwise stated

V cluster st – in same st, 2tr, ch1, 2tr (in same st 2dc, ch1, 2dc)

We will start by making the ribbed brim.


Row 1: Dc in second ch from hook and in each st along (4dc), ch1 turn,


Row 2: Dc in each st along, ch1 turn (4dc)

crochet coffee cup cosy
when making the rib, crochet into the back loop of each stitch only as shown.

Rows 3 – 33: repeat row 2 (increase or decrease rows in rib to fit around your cup. Rib number of rows must however be a multiple of 3, remember the cosy will stretch) join rib ends with a slst  to form a circle, ch1

Round 1: work 33 dc into top of rib, ch2 (or dc the equivalent number to rows in your rib eg/ 30 rows in rib then 30dc in row 4)

crochet coffee cup cosy

Round 2: * v cluster in 1st st, miss 2sts,*  repeat * – * to end of round, join with a slst in top of ch2 (11 v clusters)

Round 3:  ch2, *v cluster in ch 1 of previous round* see picture below. Repeat * – * all around, slst in top of ch2

crcochet coffee cup cosy pattern

Round 4 – 6: repeat round 3

Round 7:  ch1, dc in first st, *miss a st, dc in next st* repeat all around, slst in top of ch1 (29dc)

Round 8 – 10:  ch1, dc in each st around, slst in top of ch1 (29dc) fasten off at end of round 10.

In accent colour make heart. If you would like more of a photo tutorial for this click here otherwise follow the instructions below.

crochet heart


Round 1: 10dc into 2nd ch from hook, slst in to top of 1st dc form a circle

Round 2: Ch 1, 2dc into each st around (20dc)

Round 3: Ch4 (counts as a dtr), 1dtr in the next 3 sts, 1tr in next 4sts, 1htr in next st, dc in next st, ch3, slst into same space (this creates a picot), dc in next st, 1htr in next st, 1tr in next 4 sts, 1dtr in next 4 sts, slst in to ch1 of beginning ch4.

Round 4: ch4 (counts as a dtr), 3dtr into next 3sts, (these are actually the chains from previous round) 1tr in next 3 sts, 1htr into the next st, 1dc in next 4sts, slst in picot space, ch3, slst in to same space (picot made), 1dc in next 4 sts,1htr in next st, 1tr in next 3 sts, 1dtr in next 4sts,

slst in to  the cleft of the heart to finish. Fasten off leaving a long tail and sew to cosy, weaving in any loose ends.

Now, just make as many cosy’s as you have best friends and don’t forget to grab 15% off some awesome coffee to complete your gift by using code


over at Campfire Coffee while you can!

campfire coffee offer entitles you to 15% off your order, one use per person and not valid on subscription orders


Crochet Angel

crochet angel

Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful. Isn’t she lovely made from love

Lionel Ritchie

Let me start by saying I simply loved hooking every stitch of her. Isn’t she just adorable. I made her for a lovely sidekicksista aka a beautiful crafty friend. I can’t wait to hook another crochet angel. I would love to gift some more and make one for myself too.

The pattern is certainly not for beginners and it took a little deciphering, however it is a beautiful pattern that did not disappoint. I have never hooked with such a small hook before, a 2.5mm! That also took a little practice. The pattern states to hook with a fingering weight yarn held double stranded and gave a lovely denseness to the fabric of the doll.

I love everything about this angel, from her crazy curly hair to her button fastened limbs and little blush cheeks (which were ridiculously good fun to paint on)

Here are the full pattern details

PATTERN: Crochet Angel

By: Irina Moilova @crochetconfetti

You should also know, before you fall down this crochet angel hole…she has lots of other beautiful dolls to make…you may get hooked!


A New Blanket for Jess…

As it is the Easter Bank Holiday, I have a new project on my hook. Little Jess is in great need of some pretty blankets to sleep on and so I didn’t have to look far for some inspiration. I have a lot of crochet pins on my pintrest boards and I have a wish list that could go around the world at least once!

So, I grabbed my hook, some aran weight yarn and my favourite Campfire Coffee…(you really should try it!) and started to hook up these beautiful Sunburst granny squares by crochet325knittoo

It wasn’t too long before I knew this was the perfect choice…you just know when your project is going to work! I mean just take a look at those squares.

It has been so long since I have done any hooking like this and my heart felt full. So full, it wasn’t too long before I found I had dozed off!

But, so had Old Alf, so I found I was in good company!

Anyway, the snooze has done me good and I plan on hooking the evening away now with a little gin and tonic or three…you can bet I will be nodding off on the sofa again before long!!


Embroidery Hoop art

I hope you are all ok? I thought I would just drop in to show you my latest make and to thank you for all the kind feedback I have received regarding my free baby blanket pattern…The Angelece Baby Blanket

I have really enjoyed playing around with something a bit different to usual, and this is what I came up with. Of course, it had to have a bit of crochet somewhere and these little flowers were just perfect.

I am not the worlds greatest when it comes to sewing, but I do find it quite soothing, if the embroidery floss doesn’t get in a tangle. I did order some cheap embroidery floss to start with…this was a BIG mistake as it split and tangled so easily. Suffice to say the more expensive thread was of a much better quality and made the embroidery a pleasure.

The leaves and flowers are hooked from scraps of cotton and I glued them into position with a hot glue gun, and finished the centres with a tiny white bead.

Finally, I finished my hoop with a circle of mustard felt, which I also glued into position, just to give a tidy finish. It is a small piece of happiness.

I may just make some more, but I think I will keep each one completely unique…I have some other Mama sayings that I would like to stitch.


Yarn a long Sunday #8


Well this is the last yarn a long Sunday in this June series.  Apologies for this last session being a bit late…It has everything to do with a manic weekend, a 16 mile charity walk and a wedding in a field!  It is still Sunday in the UK…so only a bit late eh!

I now have  a little collection of cute summer projects and if you follow me on Instagram you will know what has captured my heart…but I will post about that separately in the week.

This week’s topic is

‘Ask me a question…yes you can ask me anything!’


Go on don’t be shy!




Gorgeous Glamping…

Just a couple of weekends ago, I abandoned work early, gathered my brood and made a little journey to a truly magical place. We only travelled 30 minutes away but we found ourselves in a different world. 


We went glamping…that is camping in style!  

And let me tell you it was absolutely luxurious.  Running hot water, flushing toilet, the most comfortable bed in the world (honestly I felt like I was sleeping in a cloud) and a roll top bath with a gorgeous and very private view. 

glampingThe boys happily shunned their screens and devices and spent hours splashing in the hot tub


and lighting fires

glampingWe cooked contently on the dutch oven (although there was a large wood burning stove inside our abode)

And we cycled the short distance into Arley where the great Severn Valley Railway passes through.

severn valley railway

glampingIn the evenings we lit another fire and made use of the blankets provided for us;

glampingand we chatted and laughed and breathed in and out deeply inhaling as much of the tranquillity as we could whilst toasting marsh mallows and drinking bubbles.


glampingOf course I took my own blankets and they looked so pretty out on the decking…which has fairy lights at night.


(Yes, that is a candelabra you can see on the dining table! )

There was also plenty of time to crochet

glampingand knit

learning to knitThis place is a true gem…and look what I found in the dresser…

glampinga happy piece of yarn!!!! 

So thank you Mark and Sonja for all of the fairy dust you sprinkled for our stay with you….we loved it!

woodhouse farm luxury camping


Yarn a long Sunday #7

Oh my word… you guys have hooked, knit, sewn and crafted in some amazing places…but I think the most out there has to go to Connie who hooks whilst being a pillion passenger on the back of  a motorbike!   Yes you read motorbike!!!!

Now that’s extreme crochet and some serious nerves of steel.

S0, welcome to  this Sunday’s yarn a long.  So far this month we have nattered about our crafty hacks and our alfresco crafty habits in honour of world knit in public day.  

This week I thought I would like to gather your ideas about what you like to hook, knit, sew, or craft in the sunshine.  The weather here in the UK has been quite pleasant of late and I have several blankets on my hook and it’s just too warm to be hooking under a blanket for any length of time.  I did write a blog post about the top 5 things to crochet when it’s hot which is  just here…they included

top 5 things to crochet in the sun
pattern by Sandra at Cherryheart

gloves and tea cosies

crochet tea cosy free patterns
The Grandma Collection

But, I have hooked these now and am looking for some fresh ideas…What do you hook, knit, sew or craft when the temperature starts to rise?


This series is also on Instagram @yarnyrobin