Graffiti Robin…

*There is still time to enter the yarny give-a-way here*

I stumbled upon an arty robin last weekend, well I say stumbled… it was more like rode.  I dusted off Bella and wheeled her out into the day light, hoiked her onto the bike rack and off we all went.

WP_20160731_16_37_23_ProIt had been way too long since the last time we had an afternoon out in the countryside together, and as we cycled our cares flew from us and we felt light.  We stopped at points to play in the stream

InstagramCapture_f7681672-3d28-4f73-89d4-39967061704brace each other,

WP_20160731_16_02_08_Proor just to admire the scenery and breathe out.

WP_20160731_16_02_03_ProAnd then we stumbled upon this…

WP_20160731_16_26_57_Pro(You may have to lean back and  squint a little)….Not everyone’s cup of tea, but talented and arty non the less, and it made us smile! 

We rode on some  more, and returned home fulfilled and tired.  The perfect excuse to put up my feet and get out my hook.

InstagramCapture_a30fea23-613a-4f2f-8788-4163b29b22ddI didn’t move until I had finished the main body of this Very V blanket, but I had been undisciplined throughout and had not woven in the ends as I had been hooking!!!  Oh my, that is what I have been doing this week…Its a good job I don’t mind weaving in those ends isn’t it!  

Now to border it before next Friday…





5 thoughts on “Graffiti Robin…

  1. I love Graffiti and art. This one is stunning, really a great talent. Well done to whomever the artist is. Took a lot of work.
    Great trip, I love your pictures, looks extremely peaceful.
    Your blanket is looking good, so colourful and pretty. Well done. 🙂

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