lacy obsession


This week has seen this glorious baby alpaca wool

glorious alpaca yarn
glorious alpaca yarn

hook up into a fabulous lightweight cowl… that is mine for keeps!

lightweight glamour...
lightweight glamour…

I love it’s geometric pattern and love even more that it was sooo simple to follow the pattern, made up of just chains, doubles and trebles.  The pattern called for x20 pattern repeats, but I stopped at 10 as I didn’t want a bulky double wrap cowl… I wanted a delicate, just now piece.

infinity cowl
infinity cowl

 This means I have wool left over to make some pretty little mitts…

mine for keeps!

 The pattern is called Lacy Infinity Cowl by Anniken Allis, the Queen of lace, and the yarn is

alpaca yarn
in “Lichen”

Click here for more project details

I’ve also done a little blog hoppin!  which was fun, and I have been teaching the not so little Robins how to French knit…

french knitting
french knitting
mission completed!
mission completed!

Next project on the hook, a basket weave baby blanket called Chilli Pepper…which was not on my original list, so has been added…

chilli pepper baby blanket
chilli pepper baby blanket

For a brand new arrival…. “Jackson Richard”

My list is looking quite healthy and I am ticking off the FO’s with satisfying regularity.  To check it out for yourself then take a look and if you are not YOPing yet, it’s never to late to join, just get your list together and head on over here!




20 thoughts on “lacy obsession

  1. I love boys in red. There such spirit in that color that shows how much energy most little boys have. Your cowl looks like it feels great against the skin, some warmth but not too hot. The little cord maker is adorable.


  2. I love your infinity cowl it’s so simple and yet effective. The French knitting is a cool thing to show the children, they see results quickly and I really like the colour and stitch in the chili pepper blanket.


  3. That beautiful yarn has knitted up into such a pretty delicate infinity cowl, I love the sparkle in the yarn. It’s good to know that others are adding to their list as well, I love the texture of the Chilli Pepper Baby Blanket, it will make a fabulous gift for a newborn.

    How wonderful that your little ones wanted to learn French Knitting……..such a fun craft for children.


  4. The cowl looks fabulous! Lovely!

    We used to spool knit as kids. Back then sewing thread came on wooden spools – we’d just hammer in four finishing nails and then start knitting. The bracelet picture brings me right back!


    1. That’s how I used to do it as a kid too… I was telling the boys that my Gran used to get a wooden cotton reel and Grandad used to hammer 4 nails in… I used to make place mats by spiralling the cord around and around x


  5. How absolutely lovely! that yarn is scrumptious. I love the bast weave stitch. I have not tried that but it is certainly pretty and will make a precious blanket for that little one.


  6. Love the cowl, it looks so pretty!

    We’ve been trying to teach the boys French knitting too! Our oldest is completely caught up in the loom band craze so he was quite interested and has even asked me to teach him some crochet. 🙂


    1. Oh… I have loom bands every where… that’s what gave me the idea of teaching them to french knit, as the looms are so similar to chain stitches in crochet and the french knitting technique is the same as for the looms… I think my boys are looming mad!


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