Possibly the world’s smallest library and crochet of course!

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon an article in the local newspaper, which has led to a little adventure today.  Today being a wet and grey and cold day, today being my first week day off since Christmas.  So as you can probably imagine, today is a treasured day and one just right for a wee adventure.

 So, after diligently completing the school run, I drove just ten little minutes into the very wet countryside 


into a sweet little village, which I have only visited a couple of times before, for the annual scarecrow festival held in September, when it would seem the whole world turns up.  Today, it seemed as if I was the only one here.

 My adventure was not a wild one, but it made me feel hopeful of humanity and I did find the tiny, little library


nestled on the corner of an ordinary street…



from a little way off you would hardly guess what an alternative purpose was hidden inside,


but once inside there were treasures to behold…

my current read!

and I had come prepared…a gift for the library…an old book no longer required.


So I nestled it on the shelf, wandering who would choose my book.  I also left a little yarniness…


some cute paper clip bookmarks , and I wandered some more about who would choose these…


and so with happiness in my heart, I drove the ten minutes home, feeling cold and wet…but not a bit grey


and made myself a brew, ready to come and tell you all about what is possibly the world’s smallest library, the back story of which can be found just here, and the often times, lovely spirit of humanity.



11 thoughts on “Possibly the world’s smallest library and crochet of course!

  1. This is ace Niki! I want to go and visit x noticed in the pic that there is a copy of rivers of London….its a good read x


  2. Awesome. I do love a library, and this one will be one of my very favourites if I lived there. You did such a great thing with the little bookmarks, and I am sure some readings are going to be very delighted.


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