South African yarniness…

I am soooo super excited to share this post with you.  I love reading other blogs some crochet related, some not.  Exploring new blogs within the community is never dull, but I also have my firm favourites which are always a good read and I look forward to their posts and what they have to say.

WP_20160519_19_05_11_ProOne of those firm favourites is written by Joey over at littleblackdogsa  who recently celebrated her 4th fantastic year of blogging with a give-a-way.  Here comes the exciting bit…

I WON! Yes….. I won! 

I received an email a few weeks ago from Joey letting me know I had won, right in the middle of a ‘research and specialist inquiry’ lecture.  Which incidentally was soooo tediously uninteresting, that when I read the email congratulating me on my win, I was so surprised that a rather loud gasp escaped into the classroom….ooops!  Needless to say I did not listen to the rest of the lecture, but instead ruminated what I may hook with the yarn I had won.

  I have waited very patiently since, and then just yesterday I came home to a wonderful parcel which had made it’s way from South Africa…Isn’t this yarn simply stunning.

simply gorgeous
simply gorgeous



it is super soft
it is super soft

  I can’t wait to hook with this yarn and create a beautiful something or other….I’m still undecided as to what to hook, but I will be blogging about whatever it is for sure.

So if you have  a spare couple of moments and want a really good read, pop over to South Africa and visit Joey








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