Operation Yarny H.U.G begins…

A little later than I had anticipated, but operation Yarny H.U.G has begun. 

H.U.G being a ‘Happy Unexpected Gift… a yarny one of course!

hooking happy...
hooking happy…

Whilst I was enjoying the short daily posts throughout February as part of #yarnlovechallenge I set to work with my hook and some scraps of yarn and made these beautiful may roses by Lucy @Attic24.

may roses in the making...
may roses in the making…

With the addition of a hanging loop and a clip, I soon had a little tree full…

Jess approved of course…

I also have a small shoe box full of half completed ones too. 


With the cute little cards attached I am ready to leave them all over, just waiting, ready to be found…A Happy Unexpected Gift; a great big yarny HUG.

Why not join me in spreading a bit of yarny love.  To get involved just leave me a message. 

Take it, embrace it, be a part of it!



7 thoughts on “Operation Yarny H.U.G begins…

  1. Oh my gosh! I love the yarny hug idea!! I have never stitched anything like that and I have never left yarn bombs (not sure I had ever heard that term before) but I would love to give this a try. There is so much negative in the world right now, and I would love to leave some positive. Can you tell me how to make these?


    1. Oh Ginny, I agree so much about leaving a little happiness. There is a lovely simple and easy to follow pattern on Attic 24’s blog the link is just here . I just added a chain of 10, attached the catch and then slip stitched back down the chain before finishing. It would be lovely to think you would join me, feel free to use the name ‘yarny hug’ /link back here if you so want to. Do let me know how you get on…I just left x2 in my local park coffee shop this afternoon.


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