A glance back at 2015…

2015, well what a year, a roller coaster in a lot of ways, but a good year.  A year of progress and accomplishment and growth…. and of course craftiness.

  There have been walks that have embraced the changing seasons.

Beautifully chilly

enjoying the very new spring sunshine

Enjoying the very new spring sunshine

November 2015
November 2015


December 2015

December 2015

There has also been craftiness that has not been yarn related…

Valentines craft

Valentines craft

Pretty pumpkins

pretty pumpkins

Christmas doggy wreath

Christmas dog wreath.

Of course I did indulge in yarniness too, although at times making time for this proved difficult, but nevertheless, I did…

rows of popcorn stitches

Rows of popcorn stitches

Pretty granny

A pretty granny.


blooming flower cushions

Blooming flower cushions.

100 patch granny

100 patch granny


tree house pimping

Sprinkle donuts

Sprinkly donuts

Winter blooms

Winter blooms.


Sunflower in progress.

Certainly, a lot less hooking than previous years, but for very good reason.  As I eluded to at the beginning of this glance back, 2015 has been a year of progress, growth  and  accomplishment.

From this...

from this… 

to this.

To this...

Walls demolished and a new kitchen installed, a new lounge and a whole lot of decorating.  And as for the little Robins…

they are growing so quickly...
they are growing so quickly…

 well, I guess they’re not that little any more.

Then there was the small matter of studying…


my study buddy...my study buddy…

                         A new career on the horizon!



and throughout it all, through these last beautiful, hard, tiring, challenging and wonderful twelve months that has been my 2015… I have clung to my motto BRAVE... and it has seen me through, it has inspired me, encouraged me, comforted me and at times kicked my butt… it has also taught me…

to be still…

Herb bench
Herb bench

to self soothe…


and that the smallest achievement is better than the greatest intention.

a glut of granny's
a glut of granny’s

So thank you to all those that have journeyed through 2015 with me here, this little, mostly yarny space of the ether.  I value your encouragement and appreciate the time you spend dwelling here with me… more than you will ever realise. 

Here’s to your 2016…may it be blessed and beautiful and of course yarny.













10 thoughts on “A glance back at 2015…

  1. I love your motto brave and where you write that the smallest achievement is better than the greatest intention. The dog wreath is inspired and I love all the little granny squares. Happy New Year and may 2016 be kind to you and your lovely family


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