Beautifully Chilly

iced by Jack Frost
iced by Jack Frost

My usual walk with the dogs lately has just been so beautiful….chilly at an average of -3, but beautiful.  The bright, freezing mornings that fill my lungs with crisp air have also cast long shadows, which make me smile, as I make the short journey over to the fields with Alf and Jess.

long funny shadows caused by the glaring low sun
long funny shadows caused by the glaring low sun

The field down in the hollow, with all it’s grass and mud  iced like the top of a frosted chocolate cake




As I climb out of the hollow and up the hill the sun shines in a blue, blue sky, but it can not chase away the bitter cold






Alf stops and pauses for a photo

Big Old Alf
Big Old Alf

Not one to be out done, Jess poses too

hasn't she 6months now!
hasn’t she grown…at 6months now!

Tiny footprints temporarily fossilised by the ice

footprints highlighted with frost
footprints highlighted with frost

every bare and exposed surface has been visited by Jack Frost, over night.


such beauty



so blessed





9 thoughts on “Beautifully Chilly

  1. Beautiful photography Dotty. I’m shivering because of your temperature though. Are you hooking something warm right now? I’m finishing a blanket for my third great-grandson, born 8 days ago. Not a bit proud of him though. Can you tell?

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  2. Lovely photos 😉 I love your description of the muddy field as ‘a frosted chocolate cake.’ You see what is beautiful, and I appreciate that in your descriptions here 😉 Best wishes, WG


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