tree house pimping…

Whilst there has been so much going on, to include my computer being at near death, I have managed a little pimping of the tree house…

african flower garland
African flower garland


now to get this computer resuscitated and I will be able to post once again!! 

7 thoughts on “tree house pimping…

  1. You have no idea how many times I have wanted to kick my computer, but I would only hurt my foot if I did. Love the crochet garland. It’s about time for me to start one for that dreaded red, green and lit up tree one coming in a few months. I won’t say the name because I have 3 afghans to make before then, and my yarn is all packed away.

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      1. Last year I made 9 afghans between Sept and Christmas — eek, I said that word. It keeps me off street corners, thus preventing fatal accidents.

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