self soothing!

With a huge sigh… I have finished my assignment and therefore my course…full of self doubt but clinging to my battered motto…BRAVE… feeling weary I felt it time to self soothe, so this is what I did…


I got my hook back out…

chives and parsley
chives and parsley

I created a little herb bench on the patio… I still have some lemon mint to pot up.

pink and white fragoo
pink and white fragoo

Planted strawberries…

summer trailing boxes
summer trailing boxes

planted summer tubs with hot pinks and sunny yellow trailers

Mrs Butterfly like the parsley...
Mrs Butterfly like the parsley…

I stopped…and was still and just noticed (with my camera)

clematis glory
clematis glory

and my world was a better place.


11 thoughts on “self soothing!

  1. Just love the clematis! How wonderful that a butterfly visited during your photography. Do you know where you found the stacked strawberry planter? That is a great space saver!

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    1. It’s amazing what you see when you just stop still… I’ve had that planter for a couple of years now…it was a cheap little plastic thing from Wilkinsons (UK) but it stacks, so as you say a great storage saver and it adds height too.


  2. A beautiful way to spend a day. I can just picture you (or me) sitting there close to the herbs and flowers in a little sunny spot working on a little crochet project.
    Made my morning today, as I have been pretty busy myself lately. 🙂


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