Mucky pups and cotton flowers

It’s been a while since I have been able to take the dogs out just by myself, but today I got that chance…even if it was raining!

the dogs enjoyed it...
the dogs enjoyed it…

Muddy and wet, they had fun and I had some fresh air and some space…as well as two very wet, mucky pups that I had to clean.


It was grey and raining when I set out, but the blue sky toiled hard to peak out


and because it was so wet it seemed I had the whole field to myself…


and just as I started home, that blue sky began to break through


the abandoned nest in the bare tree got me thinking about the spring, and so…

 dk cotton
dk cotton

Out came the cotton and my trusty hook, once the dogs were cleaned and settled,



Winter blooms
Winter blooms

and I began to create spring a little early.


11 thoughts on “Mucky pups and cotton flowers

  1. Dotty, the photos are so nice, and the pups look like they love the outing, but that yarn is my favorite view. Beautiful! Do you have a pattern for the flowers, or is it a generic one, like all the generic patterns I have in my stack of patterns. I think I know now how to ward off the blues this year, after seeing this. Thanks for including the yarn and flower.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, the pattern is just generic,
      ch4, slst to make ring
      Ch 1, 8dc into ring, slst to first dc.
      Ch3 (counts as tr), x3 tr into same st, drop loop from hook, insert hook into 1st tr(ch3) pick up dropped loop and pull through 1st tr (popcorn st), ch2, repeat x7 more times.
      join yarn with slst to any ch2 space, ch1 (does not count as a st),(dc,htr,2tr,htr,dc) in each ch2 space, slst to first dc and fasten off.
      This is in English terminology. have fun xx


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