I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and kicking…. what a hectic few weeks… juggling university with work and family…is proving tricky.  I have not had much time for craftiness, but I have managed a little.  Here are some pictures to prove it…

home made chocolate hearts
home made chocolate hearts

Valentines was a home made affair as you can see… the chocolates were very simple to make and strangely didn’t last for long as they were so delicious!

date jar
date jar

With my trusty glue gun, buttons, some lolly pop sticks and a jam jar I made Mr. R a date jar… it really is awesome and it is not only very simple to do, it’s really fun to use… most of the dates are virtually cost free and a lot of them don’t require a baby sitter as they are home dates.  My inspiration was drawn from pinterest and if you are thinking of recreating your own then take a look here for some date inspiration.

I have also been hooking a giant granny blanket, for a friend…but I do not have any pics yet…I will try to get some tomorrow.

It’s short and sweet, but it feels good to be back!  




12 thoughts on “AWOL

    1. I think that I should thank you… your site is so full of enthusiasm and lovely posts…and our date jar is working out (even with 3 small children) Mr R is really enjoying picking out our dates and we enjoyed a trip down memory lane ‘remembering when’ xx


      1. So…at the end of every season, I try to do a Reader Showcase where I shine the spotlight on my fabulous readers and their creations that inspire ME. Well, my latest Reader Showcase went down last Friday and yes, YOU and your fabulous jar of popsicle stick dates were featured.

        Feel free to stop by to check it out and grab a featured button:

        Reader Showcase: Winter & Spring 2015

        The Thinking Closet

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  1. What fun chocolates those are. Their inner ingredients look intriguing. I love how you made the money free date jar. I should make one for my hubbie as we’re always clueless on what to do when we are kid free.


  2. What really lovely treats, I’m not surprised at the disappearance act they performed and that date jar is just such an awesome idea, I may borrow that one for next year!


  3. I love my quiet time. It is the only time I can think. Sometimes I get up really early and try and read my bible or get things ready for the day. It is hard to juggle husband, crafts, friends, and family. We women always gets it done.


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