Well, not much hooking has been going on here at the Robin’s nest, mainly because a huge amount of this has been going on…


A whole lot of health policy and child development theory and research is yet to come, looming in the shadows.  I mourn my part time days gone by, even though this is what I longed for not so long ago.  

But, just look at this…

drops muskat cotton
drops muskat cotton…

This is what our lovely postman delivered today and I was reminded in that transaction at the front door, of that lovely word ‘BRAVE’… I have been doing so much ‘advancing’ lately that I have neglected the ‘resting’.  So this evening I am resting and hooking a project that I am going to call ‘Nicola Florence’…an art piece, which I will chat to you about next time…

the potential...
the potential…



13 thoughts on “Equilibrium

  1. You are stronger than I am Dottie. With that yarn everything else would be forgotten, dumped, just put aside while I plunged into those beautiful colors, trying to decide what to choose first. I think I’m in lust just looking at the photo!

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