Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves

I have not made resolutions for a number of years… I feel like I am just setting myself up for a fall and lets face it, life can be complicated enough with out sabotaging yourself!  I do like a new year though, I have friends who say that it is just another year and nothing changes, but I suspect that has more to do with their attitudes  being unchanging rather than anything else.

down by the brook
down by the brook

 A new year is different, after all it’s how we mark significant events, birthdays and anniversary’s of various things, both positive and not so, and I know for sure that there have been some years that I have been really pleased to see the back of and some years that have been extrodinarily memorable for me.  

summer sky

Last year I adopted a word, which kind of just happened and helped me through, not a resolution as such, more a spirit of attitude that I sensed was key to my journey through 2014.  That word was ‘Flow’ as in the ebb and flow of the tide.  In other words I just went with the flow.

2014-08-23 20.47.25

 That flow has delivered me into this blustery grey January and already I am sensing from deep within my soul a new key word for my 2015.  I have had to  wrestle with this word as I am finding the thought of what it means a tad daunting.  I don’t just invent the word…if I did I would think of something like ‘wealthy’ or ‘creative’ or just plain ‘happy’.  If you know anything about me you will know about my faith in God, and as I have sought direction in my alone time with Him, this word is just filling my soul.

Gloomy day

 The word is  ‘Brave’  

Be Bold – go all out for it  

         Rest in God – take time out to  

            Advance – Keep moving forward

                                  Victory will come

                         Enjoy even when it’s tough / Effort – put it in

A bit daunting, but exciting don’t you think… I feel a little intrepid mixed with a great dollop of hope… I feel like this year is going to be really challenging but that this challenge will prosper not only me, but my family as well!






12 thoughts on “BRAVE…

  1. I often say to myself when facing something daunting to just “do it afraid.” Perhaps it would be more positive of me to say “be brave.” Thanks for an inspiring post accompanied by some amazing photos. Xx Melissa

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  2. I have recently found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying reading through your past posts. I love this one and your motto is great. I like how you have broken down the meaning. I will reflect on this for myself also.

    Please let us know how it affects your life journey. Thank you for sharing

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