The Grandma Collection

captureI’m so, so, soooo super excited to launch this new series here at the nest.

  I would like to introduce you to a collection of  beautiful tea cosies over the course of the next few months, named ‘The Grandma Collection’.  Each one dedicated to the inspirational women in my life. 

The patterns will of course be crocheted, but will also include other mixed media embellishment, making these cosies the perfect companion for your teapot….and as always the patterns will be free. 

If you have been following me on Instagram then you will have seen some sneak peeks…

WP_20160829_15_45_36_Proinstagramcapture_cb640117-f4ce-4f39-813e-da7bc854082finstagramcapture_894cbc90-dc64-47fa-a617-a09db0fd10bcThe Grandma Mary tea cosy… coming later this week.  I really hope you will enjoy this series with me.


Since this post was written there are now four stunning Tea Cosies available in this series…the links to each can be found below.





I do hope you enjoy these free patterns and that your tea pots love their new adornments.



25 thoughts on “The Grandma Collection

  1. This sounds so exciting! Story of creative women and the chance to make something lovely in their honour. Looking forward to this series very much

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