I thought it about time I returned, I know its been a while and it has been far longer than I had planned.  So I return with a familiar confession. 

I have come to realise that I am actually not as clever as I like to think and so this post is about my PHD….Projects Half Done!  I much prefer this to the acronym WIP (works in progress) as PHD sounds so much more positive and well….lets be frank; what I am about to show you is not in progress.  Not even by any stretch of the imagination!  Abandoned may be a better description.


 So, first out of the box is the baby blanket awaiting  the hooking of one final square and then construction.  So close to a finish, but I need some more cotton.

InstagramCapture_b1e1474d-aadc-4596-9ef3-9d5bcd71e7d0Then there is this linen stitch blanket…I abandoned hooking because I felt my design may be a bit to fussy…I’m undecided.  Do I continue or rip it back and reclaim the wool?….I’ve done that before.

WP_20160403_19_24_13_ProThen there is my knitting loom project, a sumptuous alpaca cowl…I really must restart this…if I can remember how to that is!

WP_20160522_00_14_07_ProThe rainbow V stitch blanket is still on the go, not abandoned at all but most definitely a PHD!

And it is with this in mind I need you all to do me a small favour…if you don’t mind that is.  If you ever read my words that might even hint I am going to study again then I would like you to hit me over the head with something very heavy!!!



20 thoughts on “My PHD!

  1. I love the way you’ve called these projects! I have been thinking of doing a similar post, but got too embarrassed when counting all the half-done things. With your new definition for them, I might do the post after all!

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  2. I won’t lie I thought you’d signed yourself up for a PhD for a second!

    Lovely baby blanket! It’s going to be so pretty 🙂

    I do like the linen stitch blanket the colours are lovely, it would be a shame to undo all that work??

    I promise you I have a brick ready for you!!! Xx

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  3. How are you going to join your baby blanket? I was determined NOT to make another blanket …but after seeing your beautiful squares I don’t think I’ll be in denial much longer …another blanket is a must LOL

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  4. I think I may rename my projects PHDs – it does make you sound clever! I remember the years of craftlessness which were my studying years (apart from knitting one much needed cardigan) . There are sadly only 24 hours in a day and sometimes non crafty stuff has to take priority. I love all your PHDs especially the almost finished baby blanket – it’s stunning. 🙂

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