January Beanie Crochet Pattern…

The January Beanie is now available for you to hook. This pattern is a bottom up construction and features a comfy ribbed brim and a beautiful ridged texture.

Suitable for all the family this beanie is quick to hook up and comes in sizes

0 – 3 months
3 – 6 months
6 – 12 months
1 – 3 years

There is also a section for adjusting for a custom fit if necessary.

Materials you will need:
Double knit / light worsted weight yarn – pattern recommends Stylecraft Special DK, Papatya Batik, Scheepjes DK but you could substitute.
(4.0mm) crochet hook or hook needed to acquire correct gauge
Tapestry needle
Tape measure
stitch marker (optional)
faux fur pom

The hat is designed to look great whether you choose to make it in one solid colour, or choose to to use a self striping yarn as in the picture below or in a fun colour fade as in the picture above.

It’s also a great stash busting project too, making these beanies a great addition to your stock if your a finished piece crochet seller or you sell at craft fairs, because you can make them from left over yarn from your other projects.

This crochet pattern has been fully pattern tested and is written in both UK and US crochet terminology.
UK stitches used – DC, TR, FPTR, Dec and working in back loops
US stitches used – SC, DC, FPDC, Dec and working in back loops
You will have access to a 25 minute video tutorial also.

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Mini Heart Beanie…Free Pattern

This is a super cute and quick make, so perfect to hook if you have an upcoming craft fair or if you wanted to make in time for Valentines Day as a treat for yourself or as a Galentine’s gift for your Bestie! The pattern is only available in adult size at the moment, hopefully I can carve out some more time to grade it for other sizes.

I get lots of questions about where I get my labels for my hats…the answer is Etsy! My labels are cork labels made from 100% sustainable material that is vegan. There are lots of custom sellers, so if you are looking for some labels or tags go and check them out.

The pattern is suitable for beginners and just uses a double crochet stitch (single crochet stitch), and some decrease stitches. It is important not to have your tension very tight or the teeny, tiny hearts become pinched. I used Stylecraft Softie which is a chunky yarn blend 20% wool 80%acrylic. I did try with some other chunky yarn, but I got the best results with the Softie, it just gives a subtle amount of drape which feels lovely to wear.

You can also purchase a printable PDF of this pattern which is available in both UK and US crochet terms over in my Etsy shop for less than a cup of coffee which you can access just here

You will need:                          

6.5mm hook

Stitch Markers (optional)


Darning needle

Tape measure

Faux fur pom or you could make your own.

Yarn – chunky / bulky see further below for recommended yarns.

20% superwash wool 80% acrylic blend

Adult –  approx. 95g

Main colour – approx..80g

Accent colour approx. 15g

Size Guide.

Adult – to fit head circ. 22” / 55.8cms

Measurements are approximate and I advise you measure the intended head wherever possible.  This beanie allows for a 2” / 5cm negative ease (the amount of stretch)

Stitch Abbreviations.

Ch – chain

Slst – slip stitch

Dc – double crochet

Hs – Heart stitch

Dec – decrease

BLO – work st into the back loop only (see photo at back of pattern)

Dc: Insert hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 2 loops on hook, yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook.

Hs: Insert hook under both loops of stitch, in accent colour – yarn over and pull through so there are 2 loops on hook (1st loop in main colour, 2nd loop in accent colour), in main colour – yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook to complete st.  See top tip below! See Pic 1 – 4

Dec: decrease st worked over 2 stitches: insert hook under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 2 loops on your hook, insert hook into next st, yarn over and pull through so there are 3 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through all 3 loops.

Top Tip:

When working the heart stitch and you yarn over and pull through in accent colour, pull loop up a little higher than you would for a regular dc stitch as this helps to keep the heart lying flat instead of pulled too tight.

Pattern Notes.

This pattern is written using UK crochet terminology and the stitch abbreviations can be found below. 

Ch1 does not count as a stitch throughout the pattern unless otherwise stated. Repeats are marked by asterisks *.  

The hat is worked by making the ribbed brim and joining one end to the other to form a circle. The main body of the hat is then worked in rounds.

When working Rounds 3 and 5 and subsequent repeats carry non-working yarn along the round (see pic 5)

When working rounds 4 and 6 and subsequent repeats drop accent colour yarn and pick up again on next round

Top Tip:

When working a dc in round above heart st, insert hook into side of heart as shown in Pic 6 as this will make it easier.

Yarn Suggestions.

Stylecraft Softie chunky is the recommended yarn for the pattern, but here are some similar substitutes…

King Cole Timeless Chunky

King Cole Big Value Baby Soft Chunky

King Cole Shadow Chunky

Red Heart Gemstone

Bernat Wavelength


It is very important to check your gauge to ensure your beanie will fit.

To do this make a gauge swatch in the yarn you will be using for the body of the hat.  If this matches the gauge, you’re good to go!   If your swatch is too big, try using a smaller hook to obtain correct gauge.  If your swatch is too small, try using a larger hook to obtain correct gauge.

Using chunky / bulky yarn swatch 11dc x 14 rows = 4” x4” (10cm x 10cm)

Pattern Protocol

This pattern including all photos are the property of Nicola Florence at ayarnyrobin.wordpress.com.

Please do not modify, resell, publish in part or in full, or share this pattern or photo’s as your own.

You may sell finished items made from this pattern, I hope it becomes a hot item for you; but please credit, with a link, that the item is made using @yarnyrobin pattern.

Please also tag your makes on your social using #miniheartbeanie @yarnyrobin because I love to see what you make!

In main colour

Row 1: Ch8, dc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch along, turn do not ch1 (7dc)

Row 2 – 62: IN BLO dc in each st across, turn do not ch1 (7dc)

Slst row 62 to beginning row to form a circle. Turn brim inside out so the seam is on the inside. We will now be working in rounds around the brim of the hat.

Working with right side facing you in main colour

Round 1: ch1, 64dc evenly around top of brim – 2dc in first and last st then aim to place a dc at the top of each rib, join with a slst to 1st dc (64dc)  

Round 2: ch1, dc in each st around, join with a slst to 1st dc (64dc)

Round 3: ch1, dc in same st, hs * dc, hs * repeat around, last st is a hs, slst to top 1st dc (32dc / 32hs)

Round 4: repeat round 2

Round 5: ch1, hs in same st, dc * hs, dc * repeat around, last st is a dc, slst to top of 1st hs (32hs / 32 dc)

Round 6: repeat round 2

Repeat Rounds 3 – 6: 2 more times(total of 8 rounds)

Round 15: repeat round 3

Round 16: repeat round 2

Round 17: repeat round 5

Round 18: ch1,dc in same st,decrease * dc,decrease * in each st around, skip last st, slst into 1st dc (21dc / 21dec)

Round 19: ch1,dc in same st,decrease * dc,decrease * in each st around, st, slst into 1st dc (14dc / 14dec)

Round 20: ch1,decrease in each st around, skip last st (13dec)

Hat measures 8.5” from brim to crown

Fasten off cutting yarn leaving a long tail approx. 20cms from hat.  Thread darning needle and weave in and out of the top loops of last round. Pull the end tight to gather and secure with a few stitches. Weave in any loose ends. Now add your pom (see end of pattern for details)

Add pom

Add a faux fur pom to complete the look. Or alternatively make your own pom. I added a Trimits pompom as they tie into the hat easily, which makes them really easy to remove for when you want to launder your beanie.

If you are making your own pom you have a couple of options. You could use a pom pom maker however, I favour making my pompoms using the method my Grandma taught me; using 2 pieces of cardboard.  I like my pompoms to be really full and lush and so I wrap each pompom with a minimum of 3 layers of yarn.  My card circles have an outer diameter of  approx. 4.5” / 11cms.

Here is a useful link for making pompoms with 2 discs of card https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXFCO3LBJss

TOP TIP:  If making your own poms leave long tails when you tie your pompoms off as it will make attaching them to your hat much easier.  If your pompoms are in a different colour to your hat, tie your pompoms off with the main colour of the hat as it makes weaving in the ends much neater.


You can also purchase a printable PDF of this pattern which is available in both UK and US crochet terms over in my Etsy shop for less than a cup of coffee which you can access just here

Happy Hooking!

Niki xxxxx

January Beanie Pattern Test…

This is what I have been working on, a brand new beanie design using beautiful squishy alpine stitches. These beautiful front post stitches make this beanie textured and perfect for an ombre colour fade design. However I have also made this beanie in a solid colour block as well as a self striping yarn…and they look great.

I have written the pattern for sizes, 0 – 3 months through to adult, so this beanie can become a real family favourite! I have also written this pattern in both UK and US crochet terminology, so no more pesky converting during making.

I am hoping to slowly work through my portfolio of patterns and get a US version of them written, so watch this space. The pattern is currently with my testers, so I’m on tenterhooks waiting to see how they get on. I have a couple of spots still available if you fancy testing this pattern. You will receive a fully edited version once complete and another of my patterns that you can choose. Let me know in the comments if you do…I would love to have you on board.

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Happy New Year…

crochet deer lovey, crochet pattern

Happy New Year to you and welcome 2023.

What did you do to celebrate?

Don’t judge me…but I went as far as the living room. We watched TV, I crocheted of course, drank a few glasses of bubbles, ate good food and fell asleep…only to be woken 5 minutes before midnight to watch the fireworks on the TV from London. Not so exciting, but Mr R had the lurgy, so it suited us this year, especially as the grown up Robins were out celebrating with their tribes.

Have you set your plans? Your resolutions? Let me know what they are if you are happy to share…you may inspire me! I have set some plans here at the Nest, you may be pleased to know. I have lots of pattern ideas as well as lots of plans to share free patterns and tutorials with you.

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I am currently writing a new pattern for a bottom up beanie, which is a completely new way to make beanies for me. I’m just doing the grading, so it can be made for all the family. Here’s a sneak peek…

I have treated myself to some new yarn too, so I will show you that as soon as I take some photos. But for now, I will leave you with some crochet highlights from last year.



Team Elf or Team Santa?

Baby Bear Crochet Hat Pattern…

It’s been a little while since I dropped by, but I have been busy pattern writing. I hope you are all well and being creative; and if you’re not then I’m sending you lots of love.

Baby Bear Beanie Crochet Pattern

This beautiful Baby Bear Beanie, was actually one of the first hat patterns I ever scribbled down and I have made lots over the last few years. So it feels right that it is finally written up properly!

This pattern is a top down construction and has instructions for 2 different ways to finish the brim. Option 1 – features a ‘knit look’ ribbed crochet brim which is not bulky, unlike most crochet hats. I have provided a link within the pattern to a video tutorial on how to crochet the brim.

Option 2 is a chunky ribbed brim which uses front treble and back treble post stitches.

This beautiful pattern is quick to hook up, so just perfect if you need to whip one up quickly and it comes in sizes

0 – 3 months
3 – 6 months
6 – 12 months
1 – 3 years
3 – 5 years

Materials you will need:
Aran / worsted weight yarn – pattern recommends Stylecraft special, but any aran/ worsted acryllic yarn may be used
(5.0mm) crochet hook or hook needed to acquire correct gauge
Tapestry needle
Tape measure
stitch marker (optional)

A perfect little pattern to keep precious heads warm this Autumn.

Baby Bear Beanie Crochet Pattern

Baby Bear Bonnet Crochet Pattern

Get 10% off new pattern…

As promised my Toasty Earflap hat pattern is now available to purchase over in my etsy shop. Available in sizes newborn – large adult it really is a pattern suitable for the whole family. Grab 10% off all my patterns until Sunday 30th Jan 2022 using code HAPPY10


How to crochet the crab stitch…video tutorial

I am very excited to be releasing my Toasty Earflap Hat pattern tomorrow…so watch this space! It will be available in sizes newborn to large adult, and is a really super pattern for all the family… I have already made myself and Mr R one to keep our ears toasty warm on our freezing dog walks.

I have made a very quick video to demonstrate how to crochet the crab stitch, which is the final round of the hat. I thought it may be helpful. Let me know what you think

How to crochet the Crab stitch

Pattern Tester Call Out…

Hey lovelies, I’m in need of pattern testers again. This time for my Toasty Ear Flap Hat. Written for sizes newborn – large adult.

crochet hat patterncrochet hat pattern

Here’s what I’m looking for.

Do I need to have test crochet before?

Nope… as long as you can crochet and read from a written pattern you are good to apply to be my tester. Infact, I am looking for people with varying abilities of crochet.

Is there a deadline?

Yes…if you are successful in applying for the role of tester I will require you to finish the test within a week of receiving the pattern.

Other than crochet the pattern on time what else do you need me to do? Good question!  I will need you to give me lots of feedback, to include the good, the bad and the ugly! Spot typo’s and grammatical errors and make pattern corrections. I need you to keep in touch even if this means you can’t meet the deadline…life happens, I understand that.

I also require a good quality photo of the finished item that I will be able to use on all social media, my blog and in my Etsy shop…I will of course tag you. Photo’s need to be clear and free from a cluttered background…think insta worthy!

I will require you to be active on social media, ideally you need to be active on Instagram and or facebook with a public account….What does this mean? I would like you to share photo’s with specific hashtags for the pattern, both during and after testing and the pattern is available on general release,

Do I get paid to test a pattern?

Nope…I wish I could say yes, but sadly the answer is no! You also need to be able to provide your own materials…in this case a small quantity of aran / worsted weight yarn and fluffy pompom (or make your own woolly pompom)  However, you will get the pattern fully edited for free and you can choose another of my patterns for free also. If your photo’s are of good quality I will use them here on my blog and in my social media / Etsy shop and I will always tag you so people can head your way!

So if you are interested and can turn this around for me within 7 days,  and you are happy with the terms above, ideally send me a direct message on instagram…you will find me @yarnyrobin.   I have about 4 spaces available and if you are successful I will be in touch within the next week.


Welcome back…

Welcome back…It has been a while!

Welcome to you, if you used to stop by here and spend some time with me, it’s good to have you here. And if this is your first time here, you are very welcome. Please stay, grab a cuppa and I will tell you what has happened here at the nest whilst the world has gone crazy!

It is sooooo good to be back here, in this lovely spot of the cyberspace. I have not dropped in for so long, but the time is right to start writing again. I think we can all agree that the world has changed so much over the last couple of years with Covid.

How are you?

Really, how are you? let me know in the comments below, I would really love to catch up with you.

I’ll start with a little nest update and then share my hooky plans for this year…I’ve got lots planned. So, if you want to skip the nest update and jump straight to the crochet, skip the next couple of paragraphs…I don’t mind.

The big news is the little Robins are not so little anymore and are now 18,17 and 14 years old… yep! how does that happen so quickly? The eldest is teetering on the nest edge and has pretty much fledged…I am full of pride and fear all rolled into one.

labrador dog
Our Alfie…

Our saddest news occured in October when we had to say a very hard goodbye to our beloved labrador, Alfie. He was the grand old age of 15 years, 9 months and 6 days old, when rainbow bridge finally called him. We buried him in our garden and I miss him so much. He will be in our hearts forever.

Little Jess was so good and seemed to understand where her pal had gone, but it wasn’t long before Mr R suggested we should find her another buddy as she has never been on her own before.

I felt like it would be a betrayal and couldn’t settle the idea in my heart. A couple of months later, Mr R had found a lovely little chap and had called to see if he was still available, but had to leave a message. That night as we waited for a call back, Alfie came to me in a dream and licked my hand. The following morning the lady called and said the handsome little fella was still available and we went to fetch him home… it felt with Alfie’s blessing.

lurcher puppy
Introducing Duke…

Let me introduce you to Duke, he is now 16 weeks old. He’s a cheeky chappy, who loves a cuddle and to zoom about the house. His Mother is an Italian greyhound and his Dad is a Beddlington terrier / Whippet mix, so he shouldn’t grow too much bigger. He has settled well and Jess seems to approve. Life has a way of being heartbreakingly, beautiful and hope is everywhere, if you just look for it.

So, you are up to date largely. Lockdown was full of Mr R renovating the garden whilst I worked through. I have impressively pinned an enormous amount to my pintrest boards, oh! and have wrestled a large dose of unwanted anxiety. I didn’t do a great deal of crochet, other than orders, which I was grateful for.

My big plan this year though is to get back to blogging and pattern writing and sharing it with you. That is what I enjoy and have come to realise, I have missed. My baby Etsy shop has been great fun over the last couple of years; and to my suprise has been quite successful. However, I have made the decision to make it a pattern shop as of now. There are several reasons for this, the first and main one being time!

Whilst crocheting to order is great and has been very satisfying it leaves me zero time to write patterns and to crochet other things…like the crochet angel at the top of this post (I will post about this separatley). I also don’t want to have to deal with orders getting lost in the mail (this seemed to happen several times last year).

So a pattern shop it is…and that, well that makes me happy, very happy indeed. I have lots of ideas and I have missed being here…it may be a bit old school but I aint’ getting tiktok and reels!

crochet hat, crochet hat pattern, ear flap hat, newborn to adult crochet hat pattern
my toasty ear flap hat

This is what I am currently writing up…’my toasty earflap hat’. It will be available in sizes newborn to large adult. I made this one for me, for the bitingly cold dog walks I am taking every day. It is so warm and toasty, hence the name. It is perfect for those cold winter days and I’m looking forward to making it available.

I still need a couple of pattern testers, so if you have some aran yarn in a couple of colours (less than 100g) and you are able to turn this around within the next week or so, drop me a message. You would need to provide me with some good quality photo’s and in return I will send you the fully edited pattern.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough. Now it’s your turn…let me know how you are doing by leaving a message below.


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