Crochet Baby Teethers…Free Pattern

Today I’m going to share with you my amazingly simple pattern for making Yarny Crochet Teething Rings. The pattern is suitable for a beginner and they literally take 15 minutes to make. Teethers make cute baby shower gifts on there own or would make an ideal accessory set when paired with my Spring Bunny Lovey. What’s more they are 100% natural and so totally safe for baby to chew on. They are also really useful first toys to help develop Baby’s hand eye coordination and grasp.

A word on yarn choice

I have opted to use Drops Safran 100% cotton as it is not only affordable, but it has a great colour pallete too. It was also really important to me that I chose a cotton that was Oeko Tex standard 100 approved; which means the cotton has been certified to be free of harmful chemicals and is safe for human use, as well as being verified as both safe and non-irritating to human skin.

Pattern Protocols

This pattern including all photos are the property of Nicola Florence at Please do not modify, resell, publish in part or in full, or share this pattern or photo’s as your own. You may sell finished items made from this pattern, (subject to toy making regulations) I hope it becomes a hot item for you; but please credit, with a link, that the item is made using @yarnyrobin pattern / #petalteethingring / #ridgedteethingring

You will need

3.0mm hook


Wooden teething ring / s  

You will also need

less than 10g of Drops Safran 100% cotton in colour of choice

Pattern Notes

This pattern is written using UK crochet terminology and the stitch abbreviations can be found below. I have included US terminology in brackets if you wish to convert.

Repeats are marked by asterisks *.

Stitch Abbreviations:

Ch- chain / chain (US)                               St – stitch / stitch (US)

Slst – slip stitch / slip stitch (US)              Dtr – Double treble / treble crochet (US)

Dc – double crochet / single crochet (US)   BLO – back loop only

Dc: Insert hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 2 loops on hook, yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook.                  

DTr: Yarn over hook twice, insert hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 4 loops on hook, yarn over again and pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook.

BLO: Work stitch as stated, but in back loop of stitch only.

Petal Teething Ring

Begin by securing yarn around the teething ring with a slst (this does not count as a st)

28dc around teething ring

ch1 and turn,

miss a st, *9dtr in next st, miss 2 sts, slst into next st, miss 2 sts* repeat * – * 3 more times, 9dtr in next st, miss a st, slst into last st.

Because you are cramming 9dtr into one st, it is easy to miscount the 2 missed sts immediately after; as the 1st missed st tends to hide under the petal made, so if your stitch count isn’t working for you check this first!

Fasten off and weave in loose ends.

Show me your makes by tagging me on instagram using @yarnyrobin / #petalteethingring

The teething rings can be washed in the washing machine, or hand washed as per preference.

Top Tip

Wet the crochet petals with cold water and place the teether in the freezer, for an extra boost of teething comfort

Ridged Teething Ring

chain stitches do not count as a stitch throughout pattern

Ch11, dc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch along, ch1 turn (10dc)

For ridged teether work remainder of pattern in back loops only -BLO. For a smooth crochet look work sts as normal. NB/ pictures below are not worked in back loop so do not show ridged effect. See picture at the top of this post for ridged effect.

Row 2 – 21: dc in each st along, ch1, turn

Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Sew long sides of rectangle together around the teething ring, using a whip st. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Show me your makes by tagging me on instagram using @yarnyrobin / #ridgedteethingring

I really hope you have enjoyed this pattern, let me know by leaving me a comment or a like…that always makes me happy. Come and say Hi on Instagram and give me a follow @yarnyrobin as I often share patterns or have giveaways.

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