Happy New Year…

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Happy New Year to you and welcome 2023.

What did you do to celebrate?

Don’t judge me…but I went as far as the living room. We watched TV, I crocheted of course, drank a few glasses of bubbles, ate good food and fell asleep…only to be woken 5 minutes before midnight to watch the fireworks on the TV from London. Not so exciting, but Mr R had the lurgy, so it suited us this year, especially as the grown up Robins were out celebrating with their tribes.

Have you set your plans? Your resolutions? Let me know what they are if you are happy to share…you may inspire me! I have set some plans here at the Nest, you may be pleased to know. I have lots of pattern ideas as well as lots of plans to share free patterns and tutorials with you.

I am also starting an email list and will periodically send exclusive coupon sale codes and free patterns. If you fancy some crochet goodness in your inbox, then I would love to have you onboard. You can subscribe just here and I promise not to spam you!

Success! You're on the list.

I am currently writing a new pattern for a bottom up beanie, which is a completely new way to make beanies for me. I’m just doing the grading, so it can be made for all the family. Here’s a sneak peek…

I have treated myself to some new yarn too, so I will show you that as soon as I take some photos. But for now, I will leave you with some crochet highlights from last year.




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