Sharing a good thing…


How Kind!

Thank you to Eleanor over at Harebells  crochet for the nomination. 

I love playing a very tiny part in such a BIG community of bloggers and am always amazed and humbled that even one person bothers to read what I type.  So to be nominated for such makes me both smile and blush! The award comes with a few guidelines and in the true spirit of

‘Love is something if you give it away’

‘sharing a good thing’

‘pass the blessing on’ etc, etc…

The rules for the Creative Blogger Award are:

Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog….. (tick)

Share five facts about yourself…..(tick)

Nominate other bloggers and add their links…..(tick)

Notify the bloggers you included…..(tick)Keep the rules in your post….(tick)

So, my 5 facts are:


just had to stop the car the other day for this cheeky chappy!
just had to stop the car the other day for this cheeky chappy!

These are my absolute favourite animals…Alpaca’s! The yarn is divine and when my middle little Robin was very, very little he called them ‘naccapaccas’.  We still use that word for them now.


 100 patch granny
100 patch granny

I am addicted to coffee, I just love to have a cup close at all points of the morning.


wpid-dsc_0155.jpgI rely on hope, at all times and in all circumstances it is hope that drives my soul.


already a firm favourite!
already a firm favourite!

I love a lazy afternoon, I don’t get many, but they are perhaps my most favourite thing… a lovely cosy blanket, snuggled up with my family, a cup of coffee, a hook and some yarn…bliss!


wpid-dsc_0621.jpgAccording to the internet, my bakery name is ‘Sweet Brownie Patisserie’ 


So time to share this good thing… My nominations for ‘creative blogger’ are:

Stefanie over at Wooly cakes and wooden spoons

(because I love her attitude and more recently her awesome podcasts)

Lundy Girl over at Could do worse

(because I love her posts about her allotment and wordless Wednesday’s also)

and Anna over at Boys and Chickens 

(because I love the honesty of her writing about the everyday)


These are really great reads. 



Leibster Award

Leibster Award
Leibster Award

You might remember me mentioning the nomination that I received for the Leibster Award, from the lovely Lauren that writes her equally lovely blog, called the handmadehandmaiden.

Well, here is my post in response to that nomination.  In a nutshell, I answer some questions, set some new questions and pass the Leibster on by nominating others, there are some more detailed rules which I outlined before, which you can take a peek at just here

Here are my answers:

Have you ever lived in another country?

No, but sometimes I think it might be nice to!

Do you have any pets?

Heidi, Holly and Bo... Sunny was busy laying an egg!!
Heidi, Holly and Bo… Sunny was busy laying an egg!!

What is your favourite icecream flavour?

that would have to be Peach Melba…or possibly bubblegum…or rocky road..or… lets be honest it depends on what ever takes my fancy.

What do you desire most to do in your life?

That’s easy…to influence and inspire people positively.

Countryside or City?

I need both.

If you could travel where would you go and for how long?

Bikini Island, Fiji for at least a month, then Australia for at least 6 months!

What is your hobby?

like that needs an answer, but just in case…

yarn, yarn, yarn, hook,hook,hook!
yarn, yarn, yarn, hook,hook,hook!
out on Bella x
out on Bella x

Least favourite thing to do?

Clean the oven!

What tv/ current book are you watching / reading?

my current  read!
my current read!


If you could time travel – who would you see – where would you go?

Another easy one… I would revisit the younger me and say…

worry less, it will all be just fine,

you are beautiful just the way you are

and maybe consider avoiding eating chicken in the Lake District!!!


Here are my nominations for the Leibster Award,

Leibster Award
Leibster Award




I  highly recommend you take a peek at these blogs.

Here are your set of questions guys:

1. If you could have a shop what would you sell?

2. What is the meaning of your name?

3.What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

4. Margarita or Pina colada?

5. If you had a super power what would it be?

6. What is your favourite book?

7. win the lottery or work your perfect job?

8. Do you have a favourite quote?

9. what sound do you love?

10. tell us what your happy song is?

Hope you have as much fun as I have had with your

Leibster Award.





Not a lot…but quite a bit!

my poppy
my poppy


This is the sum total of my craftiness this week….not a lot.  This is my poppy made just for me, being as all the previous poppies I had made for myself were oohed and aahed over and taken by my family and friends…not that I minded in the least, I take great joy from knowing that my hooking is appreciated!  I did however run out of the pretty topaz glass beads for the centre, but found these little glossy black beads instead which just makes this one extra special and mine!


I did achieve quite a bit else, this week saw my interview for my Return to Nursing Practice which was on Thursday.  After much of the week re teaching myself fractions and how to do long division and multiplication of decimals (yawn, yawn) I took my numeracy and literacy tests and successfully got through the gruelling interview and so start this new and daunting journey on the 13th January 2015! (cue angelic hosts singing Hallelujah!!)


I hope to make progress this coming week on my own pattern and who knows maybe even finish it so that I can share it with you in time for Christmas.

If you have not read all about the Leibster Award, please take a peek just here, I have 10 nominations to make and if you would like me to nominate you to receive the online award, then just let me know by leaving me a comment.

Leibster Award
Leibster Award

Enjoy your week



Would you like a Leibster Award?

Leibster Award
Leibster Award

You may or may not have heard about the Leibster Award, if you are shaking your head and are unfamiliar with the Liebster Award, it is a purely online award that is passed along from blogger to blogger, in the hopes of promoting new and aspiring bloggers with less than 200 followers.  Since it is promoting newish / small  blogs, there are a set of rules that are attached for each person nominated to follow, 

The rules differ from blog to blog, but these are the general rules;

1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
2. Display the pink Liebster Award in your post (or any other Liebster Award button! Doesn’t have to be pink!)
3. Answer the questions that are posted
5. Nominate 10 other bloggers with up to 200 followers and inform them by commenting on their blog or contacting them
6. Write ten questions for the bloggers you nominate.


So I’m off to answer the set of questions I have been asked by the lovely Lauren, who nominated little old me and writes the handmadehandmaiden blog and will be back soon, so you can all have a read.  I have decided to allocate my 10 nominations to the first 10 aspiring bloggers that comment on this post stating that they would be up to the challenge…. So my first question is

Do you want to be nominated for the Leibster Award?

Just let me know!