Not a lot…but quite a bit!

my poppy
my poppy


This is the sum total of my craftiness this week….not a lot.  This is my poppy made just for me, being as all the previous poppies I had made for myself were oohed and aahed over and taken by my family and friends…not that I minded in the least, I take great joy from knowing that my hooking is appreciated!  I did however run out of the pretty topaz glass beads for the centre, but found these little glossy black beads instead which just makes this one extra special and mine!


I did achieve quite a bit else, this week saw my interview for my Return to Nursing Practice which was on Thursday.  After much of the week re teaching myself fractions and how to do long division and multiplication of decimals (yawn, yawn) I took my numeracy and literacy tests and successfully got through the gruelling interview and so start this new and daunting journey on the 13th January 2015! (cue angelic hosts singing Hallelujah!!)


I hope to make progress this coming week on my own pattern and who knows maybe even finish it so that I can share it with you in time for Christmas.

If you have not read all about the Leibster Award, please take a peek just here, I have 10 nominations to make and if you would like me to nominate you to receive the online award, then just let me know by leaving me a comment.

Leibster Award
Leibster Award

Enjoy your week



13 thoughts on “Not a lot…but quite a bit!

  1. I can hear the singing, and I’m humming along! Congratulations!

    Cute poppy. Hereabouts the veterans sell poppy pins to raise money, so we all buy one (or more) to support them and programs for them. My Mom was in a village in occupied Holland that was liberated from the Nazis by Canadian soldiers towards the end of WWII so it strikes close to home.


  2. Ho’omaka’i. Reading about you reteaching yourself math made me smile. I relearned a few math things when I started teaching fifth grade math. I was like, oh, that’s how you read a ruler.


  3. I am so happy for you. Starting this new adventure in your life is wonderful. Congrats. Love the poppy and the black glossy beads are adorable in the middle.


  4. Yay for a successful interview!! Well done. Love your poppy – we went to see the Blood Swept Lands in August, and I have been watching its progress since – fantastic.


  5. What a lovely little poppy – I’m not surprised that you don’t get to keep them for long.

    Congratulations on passing all the tests and the interview. Those things are always so awful, but you managed to pass, which in the end is all that matters, well done!! 🙂

    The Liebster Award sounds like a nice thing. If you are still looking for blogs I wouldn’t mind taking part – it might lead me to a few new blogs to read too!


    1. Thank you… I have still not written a post for the Leibster award but plan to in the next couple of days, so will tag you in. It has been a real fun experience looking at blogs I have never peeked into before x


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