Another Angelece Blanket…

I made this blanket a few weeks ago now. If it looks familiar, it’s because it is my Angelece blanket, which has been a free pattern here on my blog for a good while now. It has proven to be a popular pattern in the past and I have really enjoyed re-visiting it. I love this pattern for its simplicity. You can certainly put your feet up and get lost in a box set and still hook this as you go, which makes it a pleasurable project. This blanket is also the perfect introduction to filet crochet, so if you have never done a bit of filet before, you should definitely try this pattern out.

I used this aran / worsted weight yarn which I found in Hobbycraft. It is beautifully soft and it is made from mostly recycled bottles…I still don;t understand how it feels so soft and squishy!!!

So here are the pattern details, for this blanket I added an additional round of double crochet – UK (single crochet – US) to make a wider border and I made my tassels super chunky by wrapping them more. I actually cant remember how many balls of yarn I used…I think it was 6…which works out at 300g and I have some left over too!

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Angelece Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Angelece Blanket PDF purchase

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