Nest Rhythm



I think that we are  starting to get a rhythm here at the nest…finally.  New job, full time, school, homework, housework and Saturdays.  Oh how I love Saturdays.

  This morning started early with a park run and new personal bests for us all

___-parkrun-is-coming-to-varsity-lakes-parkrun-is-a-free-weekly-5km-timedI have a love, hate, love relationship with running.  I love the idea, I hate the running bit then love the buzz after a run; that lasts for the whole day.

Saturday is always better when yarn is delivered too.



I know exactly what to hook with this ‘new to me’ yarn and I am eager to see how it hooks up as it is ridiculously soft and the colours are divine. 

Rather than complete any PHD’s recently it seems I’ve added to the list…

I had a yearning to do a little more broomstick crochet, but had forgotten how to start and finish each row.

instagramcapture_6f929a33-7f33-4e2c-acb8-004cbd7fb467but a little hooky play during lunchtimes this week has it all sorted


I think I may make some fingerless mitts, with this yarn now I’ve got the broomstick down.


And of course the next tea cosy in the Grandma collection is being designed, if only in my mind at the moment! 

So cheers for dropping in…


hope you have a great weekend



Very V blanket tutorial

Thank you for your lovely comments about  my latest blanket off the hook…the ‘Very V’ blanket. 

It really is very simple to hook, so I thought I would put together a little tutorial, as I have not done one for a while and because I have some rare time off on my own.  The tutorial can be found below. You can also check out my latest free pattern The Angelece baby blanket by clicking on this link.

WP_20160811_20_01_00_ProSo, clearly this is not an original pattern.  I say that from the offset because of copyright and all of that.  Lets be honest…the humble ‘v stitch’ has been around for years.  But this is my tutorial in case you want to have a crack for yourself and you have never done a ‘v stitch’ and you are a visual kinda gal or guy.

Here we go!

Final measurements:  132cms x 120cms / 52″ x47″

I used Stylecraft special dk , for it’s durability, softness and price!  The colorway I used:

Lipstick x 1 ball

Meadow x1 ball 

Saffron x 1 ball 

Violet x 1 ball 

Spice x 1 ball 

Lobelia x 1 ball 

Storm blue x 1 ball 

Cream x 3 balls

You will also need a 4mm hook and a darning needle to weave in those ends! 

Of course if you are using different yarn then you may need to use the recommended hook size for your chosen yarn; and of course you can alter the finished size by hooking more or less chains to start. 

Your hooking tension (we are all different) may also mean you need more or less chains to start with. 

Lets start, are you ready? 

Abbreviations used are below and are English terminology.

Ch = chain stitch 

Chs = chains

Tr = treble stitch (double crochet in US terminology!)

St = stitch 

Slst = slip stitch

Sp = space

Pattern order I used:

Row 1:    Cream                 

Row 2: Lobelia                 

Row 3: Violet 

Row 4:   Cream                 

Row 5:  Storm blue        

Row 6: Meadow

Row 7:   Cream               

Row 8:  Saffron                 

Row 9:  Spice

Row 10: Cream                

Row 11: Lipstick               

Row 12: Indigo

Row 13: Cream                 

Row 14: Violet                   

Row 15: Storm blue 

Row 16: Cream                

Row 17: Meadow             

Row 18: Saffron

Row 19: Cream                

Row 20: Spice                     

Row 21: Lipstick

Row 22: Cream 

NB/   the first and last row form the edging for the top and bottom of the blanket so use the colour you wish to edge the blanket in, for row 1.

Chain 175 in cream

(This gave me about a 1m 15cm /42″ length of Ch.  But any odd number of Chs will work to suit the size blanket you are wishing to hook!).  

2tr in 5th ch from hook, 

WP_20160829_16_53_05_Pro miss a ch, 2tr in next ch


miss a ch, 2tr in next ch


 *miss a ch, 2tr in next ch*

Repeat *  –  * across the row. 

Finishing with 1tr in last ch.  Change colour. As shown below,  I change colour by completing half of the process for the last tr (ie/ leave two loops on the hook). Complete last part of tr in new colour as shown.

WP_20160829_16_57_03_Pro WP_20160829_16_58_00_ProI find this makes colour changes more secure.  These ends should be tied to secure further. Top tip! leave the ends long  (approx. 10cms) so that weaving in is easier.

Turn.  Ch3 (counts as 1tr)

WP_20160829_16_59_21_Pro 2tr in the middle of set of tr’s of previous row 


Continue along the row.


finishing with 1tr in top of 3rd ch on previous row.


Change colour. Turn. 


And that’s it! 

Top Tip!! Weave in the ends every few rows.

Repeat rows 1-22 x5 times.

Then repeat rows 1 – 13 to finish body of blanket. And if you did not adhere to the top tip above…now is the time to weave in those ends!


I’ve gone all minimalistic for the edging because the blanket itself is simply stunning in this colourway and I did not feel like it needed something fussy to detract from its beauty. 


This is what I did. 

The first and last row (in cream if you have been following this colourway) form the edging for the top and bottom of this blanket. In cream / your chosen edging colour join in the space at the bottom right of your blanket as shown.

WP_20160808_21_29_50_Pro (2)

Ch 3 and slst into the top st of the first tr/ch3 of 1st row.


Ch1, 2tr in same sp

WP_20160808_21_39_16_Pro2tr in next sp (the sp is the gap between the side of the first sts of each row), 2tr in next sp.

WP_20160808_21_41_39_ProContinue along the edge until you come to the top corner. 2tr in last sp, ch 1, 1tr in same sp.


Then slst into the top st of the first tr/ch3 of last row as shown. Fasten off.  Repeat for the other side of the blanket.

Finally, in Lobelia (or your chosen colour) join in any st of edge with a slst.


Slst in each st around edge of blanket. Fasten off and weave in loose ends.  And that is it, you should now have one of these to snuggle under…or reluctantly gift.


Well done if you got this far. 

I really hope you have found this tutorial easy to follow.  I welcome feedback, so let me know how you got on and if you want to share your picture of your finished make you can in the comment section below. 

I  would love to see what you have made.


Little Leaf pattern

‘A yarny little leaf’ designed by Nicola Florence….February 2016

On a very wet afternoon,  just the other day, I began to hook up some little leaves.  Simple I thought, no pattern required.


After a couple of tweaks here and there, this is what my trusty hook had produced.  I think they are rather sweet, so I thought I would share this little leaf pattern with you.  To download a pdf version just click here, or full instructions can be found below.



Little Leaf Pattern.

I used drops cotton dk and a 3.5mm hook.  All instructions are using English terminology.

Slst – slip stitch  

st – stitch

ch – chain  

dc  – double crochet  

htr – half treble  

tr – treble  

dtr – double treble


Central Vein

Ch8, slst into 2nd ch from hook, then slst into each remaining 6ch and fasten off.



Leaf Body

Join chosen colour thread to 1st st at bottom of leaf vein.  Ch1, dc in next st, htr in next st, tr in next st, 2dtr in next st, tr in next st, htr in next st, dc in same st (you should now be at the top of the vein).  


 ch3, dc in same st, htr in same st.  


You now need to reverse the pattern down the other side of the leaf.   This time working in the back loops only. 

So, tr in next st, 2dtr in next st, tr in next st, htr in next st, dc in next st, slst in next st.  Fasten off to finish and weave in ends.



Happy little leaf hooking


‘A yarny little leaf’ designed by Nicola Florence @….February 2016.

Pretty Pumpkins

pretty pumpkins
pretty pumpkins

Oh, my delight in these pretty pumpkins.  Whilst we do not celebrate 31st October, halloween in the Robins nest, we do celebrate light in this beautiful, busy and sometimes dark world.  As you know I love autumn, and pumpkins certainly contain light and autumnal(ness) in abundance.


I also love spending time with friends and that is exactly what is happening here tonight.  We are having some very dear friends over to mark the very significant occasion of our homes transition  from ‘no space to have anyone around’ to ‘being able to say come on over for supper’ a transition which has taken many years.  

the chickens enjoyed a pumpkin feast

So with a three bean chilli and a hearty beef chilli planned for later, accompanied by a bottle or two of red, these pretty pumpkins will help to create the perfect atmosphere for chatter and laughter late into the night.





pretty pumpkins
pretty pumpkins