Nest Rhythm



I think that we are  starting to get a rhythm here at the nest…finally.  New job, full time, school, homework, housework and Saturdays.  Oh how I love Saturdays.

  This morning started early with a park run and new personal bests for us all

___-parkrun-is-coming-to-varsity-lakes-parkrun-is-a-free-weekly-5km-timedI have a love, hate, love relationship with running.  I love the idea, I hate the running bit then love the buzz after a run; that lasts for the whole day.

Saturday is always better when yarn is delivered too.



I know exactly what to hook with this ‘new to me’ yarn and I am eager to see how it hooks up as it is ridiculously soft and the colours are divine. 

Rather than complete any PHD’s recently it seems I’ve added to the list…

I had a yearning to do a little more broomstick crochet, but had forgotten how to start and finish each row.

instagramcapture_6f929a33-7f33-4e2c-acb8-004cbd7fb467but a little hooky play during lunchtimes this week has it all sorted


I think I may make some fingerless mitts, with this yarn now I’ve got the broomstick down.


And of course the next tea cosy in the Grandma collection is being designed, if only in my mind at the moment! 

So cheers for dropping in…


hope you have a great weekend




3 thoughts on “Nest Rhythm

  1. I hope you had a great weekend! I’m with you on the running, but I don’t get the buzz just burning muscles, then pins of pins and needles feeling.


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