Day 18 of


and it’s still not too late join in. 

The theme for today is ‘gratitude’.


A yarnpom

the perfect way to express gratitude!





A quick update this week.  

This week saw my first pattern release on  a yarny robin… and it’s free


This is how my list is looking today, 


  • headbands for Bowdazzling (charity for young girls undergoing chemotherapy) 

  • fingerless gloves (added to the list Aug 2014)

  • x1 yarnbomb in my community

  • winter hats for the Lil’ Robins and Mr R  

     minion hat for my winter robin by request

      – beanies for my Summer Robin and  Autumn Robin and for Mr R.


  • scrapghan 

    fabric buttons

  • bunting

    hook holder

    a crochet wall hanging

    charity SIBOL blankets (Sunshine International Blankets Of Love) charity for the elderly… have a look at SIBOL

    tree house decoration

    broomstick crochet photo tutorial 


    9 more yarnbombs in my community

If you would like to take part in a year of projects it’s never too late to join in with us or if you would like to take a look at some other blogs taking part, take a look here.

 I have also set myself the crazy challenge of hooking a ‘his and hers’ blanket for my Mom and Dad for Christmas, hence this quick update… my hands should be hooking!

Free Pattern

Click on image to see more

A Yarny Robin would like to offer all of you lovlies this beautiful ‘Hot Love’ warmer pattern for FREE… Just because…


Operation pompom

Following the creation of my pompom board on pinterest and being inspired by so many different ways to make pompoms, my excited and inspired mind whizzed and whizzed, whilst my hands made more and more pompoms…

making several pompoms all at once
making several pompoms all at once
a little trim here and there
a little trim here and there
26 minutes later... 12 little pompoms made
26 minutes later… 12 little pompoms made

and before I knew where I was… I was sitting under an avalanche of prettiness.  This yarny magnificence was also, if the truth be told, a welcome distraction from the University application which I should have been filling in!


101 pompoms later
101 pompoms later

It wasn’t long before this clutch of fluffiness had been strung together for one yarny purpose

2014-09-13 13.15.54


all ready to go!
all ready to go!

I just need to find the right place now… so give me a couple of days and I will show you my yarnpom reveal.


Following my flirting with pompoms the other day which led to the creation of yet another pinterest board, today I have experimented with different ways of making pompoms.  Not only have I learnt new techniques that are sheer genius, I have also de-stashed and Operation Pompom has commenced also… but, more about that some other time.

a new use for chair legs!
a new use for chair legs!
makes several pompoms all at once!
makes several pompoms all at once!
recycling cardboard tubes
recycling cardboard tubes
produces larger pompoms
produces larger pompoms

So you see, it’s been a pompom sort of day!

Chilli pepper Baby blanket


2014-09-06 17.09.49
Chilli pepper baby blanket

It’s done and it’s gorgeously cushy and it is a baby blanket that any Great Grand Mother would be proud of,  BUT……. 

I’m not in love with it, and because of this I am hugely disappointed.

It is a fabulous colour…Chilli red and not the traditional blue for a boy. and I love that. I also love that it has made up so densely and is beautifully warm and snuggly for the winter… I have also mastered blanket stitch!

about the yarn…

That’s where the positive ends for me tho…. although the yarn is soft in the finished blanket, it was not that pleasurable to work with…it didn’t slide on and off the hook and was a bit splitty and annoying.

chilli pepper baby blanket in s.l.o.w progress

  It has also taken me soooo much longer than I had planned and I can’t work out whether this is one of the reasons for my poor relationship with this blanket, or… because I wasn’t having much hooking joy, that it has taken me longer than anticipated to hook!!

2014-09-06 17.15.37

This blanket became a real block for my other hooky plans too… another reason for my lack of love for it.

So, to get my crojo back, I thought about the last hooky thing that really rocked me…that pompom border on my happy ripple…..

happy ripple 1

and I got creative by making a brand new pompom board on pinterest… go on I dare you to have a peek!

Oh...the potential!
Oh…the potential!

and once I had done that… I felt much better…and found myself thinking maybe a basket stitch blanket in a thinner yarn would be nice…