Chilli pepper Baby blanket


2014-09-06 17.09.49
Chilli pepper baby blanket

It’s done and it’s gorgeously cushy and it is a baby blanket that any Great Grand Mother would be proud of,  BUT……. 

I’m not in love with it, and because of this I am hugely disappointed.

It is a fabulous colour…Chilli red and not the traditional blue for a boy. and I love that. I also love that it has made up so densely and is beautifully warm and snuggly for the winter… I have also mastered blanket stitch!

about the yarn…

That’s where the positive ends for me tho…. although the yarn is soft in the finished blanket, it was not that pleasurable to work with…it didn’t slide on and off the hook and was a bit splitty and annoying.

chilli pepper baby blanket in s.l.o.w progress

  It has also taken me soooo much longer than I had planned and I can’t work out whether this is one of the reasons for my poor relationship with this blanket, or… because I wasn’t having much hooking joy, that it has taken me longer than anticipated to hook!!

2014-09-06 17.15.37

This blanket became a real block for my other hooky plans too… another reason for my lack of love for it.

So, to get my crojo back, I thought about the last hooky thing that really rocked me…that pompom border on my happy ripple…..

happy ripple 1

and I got creative by making a brand new pompom board on pinterest… go on I dare you to have a peek!

Oh...the potential!
Oh…the potential!

and once I had done that… I felt much better…and found myself thinking maybe a basket stitch blanket in a thinner yarn would be nice…


10 thoughts on “Chilli pepper Baby blanket

  1. It’s a gorgeous blanket and I love that it’s red and not the typical blue as well, I think when you have a few boys you appreciate other colours other than just blue for them and I like blue, I just like other colours for them and not the typical blue, anyway I digress. The yarn and time it took probably both contributed to your lack of joy with the project but the finished project doesn’t show any lack of joy or love quite the opposite. I had to just go and check out the pompoms, I loved your tutorial it was just the perfect edging to my rainbow blanket that I’m going to use it on all three rainbow blankets I have to do for gifting. I’ve made the pompoms on the forks and taught the children to do it, it’s fun and quick. I love the pompoms in the vase like flowers, that I may have to try for fun 🙂


  2. I love that you “self-soothe” with pompoms. LOL. The blanket looks lovely, and chili red is a great primary colour for any child, so hopefully once you get some distance from it a bit of affection for it will return 🙂


  3. I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy your hooking time with the blanket but it did turn out gorgeous and I love the red. I am learning that yarn can make all the difference in not only the finished product but also the enjoyment of the creator. I’ve also found it doesn’t necessarily depend on the cost of the yarn either which really surprised me. I’m following your pompom board and I can’t wait to try your edging. Look on the bright side… get to start a new project now! LOL!


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