Feeling Chuft!

Wow! Another whirlwind week, which marks the start of the final Semester of my Health Visiting course.  Feeling a little daunted about moving teams and having my own caseload of 100 children;  in true ‘yarnyrobin’ fashion I created my fellow student Health Visitees a little crafty survival pack for their Semester 3 journey!

The list of contents needed for Semester 3 survival!
All packaged in a pretty little box
perfect to keep on an office desk
perfect to keep on an office desk

I think the girls liked them! 

A special shout out to them here is also needed as yesterday we all passed our nurse prescribing exam (feeling chuft!).

I also need to thank Eleanor over at Harebells crochet for nominating me for the creative bloggers award.  Thank you for the nomination, I will get round to posting about that later in the week….promise.



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