Take a little look at this…

I couldn’t help it, I know I shouldn’t have: but I have been feeling very overwhelmed with this…


For the most part I can convince myself with the romantic notion of  setting my boys a good example of being a hard working Momma at University, with striving ambition and an avid determination to follow your dreams.  But, (huge sigh and just a little teardrop!)…right now it sucks!  So you see I couldn’t help but open my birthday present a whole week early.

wp_20160403_19_25_09_proIt is helping me with my mental health as I am so busy concentrating on learning a new skill, that there is no room for anxious thoughts about essays.

WP_20160403_19_24_13_ProSeed stitch…oh yeah!



12 thoughts on “Take a little look at this…

  1. I will be going back to school in January (I think….nervous laughter). 52 years old and a student again. I’m hoping I’ll still have some time to craft along the way. Stress reliever maybe. I have some looms somewhere in the craft room. Maybe I’ll dig those out.

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    1. Oh wow…congratulations. I have just finished and the hard work has all been worth it. It is exciting and nerve wracking doing something new…if you ever need any virtual moral support give me a virtual shout. Good luck xx

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