Where did that week go!

Well where did that last week go to?  

With only about 8 waking hours left of the spring break, to cram in as much  fun as possible…I will leave you with some photo’s which capture my week.









Hope you a  had a good week



5 thoughts on “Where did that week go!

    1. Yes…its Tango….original I know!!..I don’t like winning animals at the fair…but my boy was so desperate. Mr R has a passion for fish, it must be where he gets it from….we have several little fish homes here in the nest so Tango is now settled and is enjoying his new fishy home xx

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      1. Oh that’s lovely! We have had several ‘Goldies’ over the years. One friend of mine had a gold one and a silver one – one was called ‘Easy’ the other ‘Jet’ they were the best names I’ve heard so far, but I like Tango – we’ve never had one of those! 🙂

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