Mucky pups and cotton flowers

It’s been a while since I have been able to take the dogs out just by myself, but today I got that chance…even if it was raining!

the dogs enjoyed it...
the dogs enjoyed it…

Muddy and wet, they had fun and I had some fresh air and some space…as well as two very wet, mucky pups that I had to clean.


It was grey and raining when I set out, but the blue sky toiled hard to peak out


and because it was so wet it seemed I had the whole field to myself…


and just as I started home, that blue sky began to break through


the abandoned nest in the bare tree got me thinking about the spring, and so…

 dk cotton
dk cotton

Out came the cotton and my trusty hook, once the dogs were cleaned and settled,



Winter blooms
Winter blooms

and I began to create spring a little early.


bones and ribbons


A crafty little tutorial today…Christmas dog wreaths, for the pooch in your life!

Easy peasy to make, here is what you will need…

wreaths...these are bought, cost £1 each, but you could make one from some coat hanger wire...
wreaths…these are bought, cost £1 each, but you could make one from some coat hanger wire…
your dogs favourite biscuits...
your dogs favourite biscuits…
raffia, or ribbon
raffia, or ribbon…
cut raffia into lengths...
cut raffia into lengths…
tie onto wreath...
tie onto wreath…
Attach a length of raffia to top of wreath to hang...
Attach a length of raffia to top of wreath to hang…

Easy Christmas dog wreath.


Happy Birthday Jess

This last few weeks has seen Jess turn one…

at 8 weeks old
                                                                                             at 8 weeks old…so cute xx


at 1 year old... still cute x
                                                                               at 1 year old… still cute x

It has also seen my eldest two robins start year seven at High school…

they are growing so quickly...
                                                                                          they are growing so quickly…

I also passed my return to practice course in nursing… (happy dance) and have commenced training as a Health Visitor (happy dance…feeling overwhelmed…happy dance)

my study buddy...
                                                                                      my study buddy…

not sure I have time to celebrate with another yarn bomb!  There has also been a lot of disruption in the Robin’s nest


Which is still ongoing, but will be worth the extra grey hairs it is giving me.

So far this year I have truly lived by BRAVE… and now Autumn is nearly here… my most favourite time of year and to embrace this season and welcome it with open arms… I’ve spent a little time pinning my Autumn happies… I just hope I can weave in some time to create.





Beautifully Chilly

iced by Jack Frost
iced by Jack Frost

My usual walk with the dogs lately has just been so beautiful….chilly at an average of -3, but beautiful.  The bright, freezing mornings that fill my lungs with crisp air have also cast long shadows, which make me smile, as I make the short journey over to the fields with Alf and Jess.

long funny shadows caused by the glaring low sun
long funny shadows caused by the glaring low sun

The field down in the hollow, with all it’s grass and mud  iced like the top of a frosted chocolate cake




As I climb out of the hollow and up the hill the sun shines in a blue, blue sky, but it can not chase away the bitter cold






Alf stops and pauses for a photo

Big Old Alf
Big Old Alf

Not one to be out done, Jess poses too

hasn't she 6months now!
hasn’t she grown…at 6months now!

Tiny footprints temporarily fossilised by the ice

footprints highlighted with frost
footprints highlighted with frost

every bare and exposed surface has been visited by Jack Frost, over night.


such beauty



so blessed