A peek in to Christmas

One of the things that I have really enjoyed this December, when peeking into other blogs and generally taking a good look around, is glimpsing how other people do Christmas… so here is a little peek around the robin’s nest.

our Christmas tree
our Christmas tree

I love the designer trees and the minimalist trees in the shops and I always catch myself thinking how I would love to get one.  This year I fell in love with an all white one with sherbet coloured decorations… but I adore more, our tree, decorated by the boys with our mismatched decorations that we have accumulated over the years, most of which are attached to a lovely memory…like the spherical robin bauble at the bottom of this photo, gifted to us by dear friends.

deck the halls...
deck the halls…
pretty Christmas bows
pretty Christmas bows
stockings...just waiting to be filled
and stockings…just waiting to be filled
party shoes!
party shoes that I just couldn’t resist!
the nativity
and the nativity

Certainly the most important part of Christmas for us…the reason for Christmas…the birth of Jesus.


6 thoughts on “A peek in to Christmas

  1. I love your tree Dotty. Our tree was like that when my kids were growing up. They each got an ornament each year for Christmas, and those ornaments decorated our tree as they grew. When they left home they took their ornaments with them, and I was left with an empty nest and an empty tree as well. I had to get busy fast and make ornaments for a downsized tree as each kid left the nest. Little white thread crochet stars, angels, and wreaths, starched within a knife sharp edge, but oh, so pretty on the tree that shrank to a table top size.

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  2. What great Xmas decor you’ve trimmed your home in. The table top tree is cute. I think ornaments with attached memories are the best. My mum dumped her old artificial tree and split up the ornaments between me and my brother. I need to hang up our stockings too. I meant to knit one for my husband as me and the girls have custom made ones but I forgot.


  3. Your tree is just perfect and it’s what I love most about our own tree, We have all our decorations up just the stockings to hang on Christmas eve which is done with much fanfare to the childrens delight!


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