Year of Projects Progress


This week has come and gone in a flurry it now seems and I am happy to report that some progress has been made on my year of project list.

bliss x
bliss x

I had a lovely couple of days at the beginning of the week, catching up with friends sharing latte’s and maybe the odd cake here and there!  I have enjoyed several long walks with the dogs through the autumnal leaves that are now carpeting most of the fields and parks nearby.

walking the dogs x
walking the dogs x

We also had a Parent’s evening thrown in mid week – which was a pleasure on all 3 counts I am both pleased and proud to say.  Even work has come and gone quickly this week and so I find myself as I write this at the start of half term, looking forward to and easing into a long weekend (4 days) to be precise, of fun and family and no alarm clock!!!

I have some finishes to show you, if you are a regular reader you will have already seen a couple of  them in the last 2 posts…. 

brain wave beanies for the boys...
brain wave beanies for the boys…
remembrance poppy
remembrance poppy

If however, you have not read the finished posts, more details on patterns and yarn can be found on these links:



I did manage another brain wave beanie, this time for Mr. R, who was super thrilled as he is working on a roof this coming week.

Mr R's beanie
Mr R’s beanie

Details of how my list is now looking can be found here and if you would like to join in or take a look at other folk’s progress you can check out the group just here



8 thoughts on “Year of Projects Progress

  1. I loved the beanies and the poppy is just gorgeous. Your week sounds lovely, especially the lattes and cake part and I sure do miss those long walks with the dogs, I’m itching to go kick up some leaves with them. I hope you enjoy your long weekend, we have mid-term this week also and I can’t wait.


  2. Sounds like a lovely week.

    I do love the brainwave beanies (I wonder if my boys would wear them – Luke hates anything itchy on his head :-()

    Hope the 4 alarm-clock-free days were/are good! We’re enjoying a half term of lie-ins and a Halloween party on Friday! xx


  3. Great pictures and it sounds like you’ve had a lovely week. 🙂 The beanies look fab – I’m feeling tempted to add that pattern to my list – and the poppy is beautiful!


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