All the fun of the Circus!

Well as the title suggests, we’ve been to the circus this half term and had sooo much fun…. I’ve got some hookin’ done to show you and some exciting news to tell you also.

all thrill is an understatement!
all thrill is an understatement!

The Circus came to town quite literally and up went the big top and the signs and I thought that sounds like quite a lot of fun, so we headed off  and that’s exactly what happened… we had lots of fun together and were treated to some outstanding entertainment that in places were quite terrifying to watch.  Not a harness or safety net in sight, there were gasps from the audience and the modern day clowns (that were not scary at all!) made us chuckle out loud.


our ticket in
our ticket in

So, if this circus should come to a town near you, then it is well worth a visit.  Did you notice my hat… that is one of this weeks finishes… It’s not on my YOP list, but I needed a beanie and it only took an afternoon to make.  Here are some clearer pictures of it…

my beanie love
my beanie love

2014-10-27 14.56.51

love notion
love notion

I adore the love notion which really finishes it off a treat, the yarn is delicious and was not only lovely to hook, but it is warm and snuggly too!  Project notes can be found here.

I’ve also made lots more poppies, much like these ones as I have been inundated with requests for them, as I have for brainwave beanies so guess what I am currently up to!

So to my exciting news… I have been short listed for interview, this Thursday coming for my Return to Nursing Course at Uni….. as I’ve written that I realise that may not be hugely exciting for you and it might just be for me… so I will also let you know that this week I have started on my first crochet pattern, that will be free to my lovely readers and will be coming very soon.  


I have also received a nomination for the above, which is lovely, so will post about that separately in the week!  If you would like to be nominated for the award click here and leave me a message!

So with all my news shared, I’ll be off…have a good week and enjoy the fireworks!



9 thoughts on “All the fun of the Circus!

  1. Oh I love the circus and what fun it must have been, mmmm candyfloss I love it. I love your love beanie it’s gorgeous and well done you on the orders for brainwaves and poppies and huge congrats on the upcoming interview, it is of course exciting and I’m glad you shared it with us, do let us know how it went.


  2. I used to love the circus, but have never taken my boys – I must soon!! Love the hat and the notion sets it off perfectly. Sounds as though you have had a busy week – hope the interview goes well – good luck.


  3. Wow! You did have a great week! bully for you! Your hat turned out darling and the pin turns it couture! I love circuses and cotton candy. Congrats on your interview. And your brain wave is darling too. Have another great week…’re on a roll!


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