sock it to me Baby!

Socks, socks,socks…I’m seeing so many beautiful sock creations.  A lot of you ladies that leave me comments are sockaholics… you know who you are!!!


The socks that fly of your needles are amazing, you’ve inspired me to visit my local yarn store and covet sock yarns, those self striping, oh so soft yarns are just gorgeous … not only to the eye but to the touch also.


Alas, I am a hooker (of the yarn variety) and am not a knitter at all, so socks seem hugely daunting to me… in fact they terrify me….. besides which, I own a washing machine that eats socks… Just take a look at my odd sock pile…

have you ever seen such a huge odd sock pile!!!!!
have you ever seen such a huge odd sock pile!!!!!



So for now I will continue  admiring your sock creations and maybe one day… who knows?


I wont be able to post a YOP update this Sunday so I will leave you with a teaser of what I have been up to (yes, I know it’s quite obvious!)

my away project x
my away project x

And I really must just show you this…

manicure just done x
manicure just done x

After just 6 weeks of growing my nails, which I have bitten for 30 plus years!  I was able to have my first ever proper manicure, see here for week by week photos.  I know it’s a little sad to mention here, but I am just soooo not ashamed of my hands any more… and that’s a big deal for me.  Any how, bragging done I would just like to wish you all a very good week and I will check in again as soon as I am able…





2 thoughts on “sock it to me Baby!

  1. I don’t know how socks go missing. That Hogarth’s over in a while here too. Handknit socks you must hand wash. I love how one can wild with sock yarn.


  2. yes I’d handwash knit socks but really they are not as hard as you think but someone did mention crochet socks to me once and said they were so much easier than knit ones so perhaps when you get back that can be something to feed the desire for them 🙂
    Love the nail colour, I’m a sucker for painting my nails I just love having it done 🙂


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