How Ironic!!


It’s ironic that I have been hooking a winter hat whilst on my summer holiday.  It’s not that the weather was all that bad, we had days that were windy and rainy and sunny and sometimes all at the same time… but then we were on the beautiful coastline of South Wales, and we had a ball, spent some really lovely family time together and made memories that will last us a lifetime!

2014-08-23 20.47.25
Sunset over Tenby Bay x

I had packed up a project bag that had a ridiculous amount of yarn in, as the boys had asked me to make them beanies for the Autumn Term.  They had all placed their pattern and colour order with me in preparation, and of course they all wanted different colours, hence the bursting project bag!  However, I didn’t  hook that much whilst away, as we were just too busy.  I did manage to finish Little Robin’s hat though…

minion hat
minion hat

This is the minion hat that he chose and once I had it done, he wore it everywhere xxx

I also hooked up another 10 rows or so of the chilli pepper baby blanket, this is not going as quickly as it should, I think I’m just a little bored of it!

I thought I ought to show you these lovelies too, not made on my holiday, but just before, out of some of the left over alpaca yarn from the infinity cowl

2014-09-01 14.55.55

Pattern details can be found just here.  So just a couple of finishes then and some additions to the YOP list… more beanies!

So, I will leave you with a few more holiday snaps as I cling on to the remaining hours that are left before the boys go back to school tomorrow…. and I must return to work!!!

Luke on beach 1

lydstep clubhouse view 2

jack head in bucket

boys kyaking

tenby harbour

silhouette harbourTenby in sand



10 thoughts on “How Ironic!!

  1. Love the minion hat, and it looks like he loves it too! That’s awesome. Better to have more in your project bag than needed rather than running out of yarn. And clever of you to get fingerless mitts from that lovely alpaca yarn too. It’ll make a nice set with the cowl!


    1. The pattern is really easy… I used stylecraft dk special, which was a thinner yarn than recommended so had to adapt slightly, but my notes are all on my project page on Ravelry with my increases.


  2. Oh the holiday looks like such fun! Holidays are all about making memories arent’ they so you can’t spend all of it crafting, well you could try but if your house is anything like mine you wouldn’t be left at it too long 🙂 Love the minion hat and those fingerless gloves are gorgeous, what a pretty set you’ve got. Ahh yes the back to school, we are in the thick of it now, oh how I wish it was still holiday time.


  3. The minion hat looks lovely Niki and those fingerless mitts are pretty too.
    I love the way you have staged that photo of the mitts.It gives a rustic feel .


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