Messing about on the River


Well, not much done this week in terms of anything to show you guys, but there has been some work in the background that shall bear fruit very soon.

Instead this week has seen a lot of this

sun cream
sun cream

and lots of this

and lots of ice cream!
and lots of ice cream!

and some messing about on the river with friends…

lazy days with friends
lazy days with friends

We spent the day in a gorgeous little place called Hampton Loade, not too far away and splashed the whole sunny day away!


how far do you think I can throw it!
boys, boys, boys!
Mr R

I so nearly completed the Happy ripple… honest I did, just gotta weave those ends in!  I cant wait to show you… It’s such a playful blanket and has the most amazing edging on it, that was so much fun to hook.  I have learnt a new technique with this edging and am putting a tutorial together for it, because I think I need to share the joy I had hooking it with you all… so watch this space, I will pull it together over the next few days!  So for now I will leave you with a picture of my al fresco crochet corner…

crochet corner
my little spot!

and the yummy alpaca yarn that I have for my next project… a summer scarf

too lovely to hide away while it waits to be hooked!
too lovely to hide away while it waits to be hooked!




9 thoughts on “Messing about on the River

  1. The Happy ripple is really gorgeous cant wait to see it all. This past week has been hot and it’s nice to take advantage of it. I find behind the scenes stuff often take as long as working on actual projects.


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