It’s all in the ripple…

Rippley, colourful, squishy, gorgeous, playful, bright, fun…

all of the above could be used to describe my Happy Ripple.

happy ripple
neat ripple by Lucy – Attic 24

I am so thrilled with it!  I don’t want to gift it.

wish I could keep it!

happy ripple in progress
happy ripple in progress

it was so much fun to hook

happy ripple 1
bobble edging makes this blanket fun

and the bobble edging just gives it that extra special something!

happy ripple
such a rhythmic pattern to hook

all of the pattern details can be found here and here is the link for the bobble tutorial.







9 thoughts on “It’s all in the ripple…

  1. I love it! It’s so bright and cheery and colourful that I can see why you don’t want to gift it. I’m about to start a trio of rainbow inspired blankets and I may have to change one to a ripple seeing yours. Thanks for the link for the bobble tutorial, I’ve not tried that on a blanket edging and it looks fantastic.


  2. So fun and colourful, such a great finish with the bobble edging…….keep it, keep it, keep it……….sorry just ignore me, I’m a tad over excited at such loveliness.


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