Roses and Posies tea cosy


Roses and posies tea cosy


So this week has seen the start of the Roses and Posies tea cosy by Nicki Trench.  It is the tea cosy that you can see on the front of this book….

Nicki Trench book
Nicki Trench book

So here is my progress this week…

components for roses and posies tea cosy designed by Nicki Trench
components for roses and posies tea cosy designed by Nicki Trench

I really enjoyed whipping up these roses and hooked them all over the place this week, mostly in the car, whilst waiting for one or more of my Little Robins (as their social life is so much better than mine!!).  

tea cosy wip
naked tea cosy


these little roses are gorgeous to hook
these little roses are gorgeous to hook


 and here it is my second Finished Object


roses and posies tea cosy by Nicki Trench


If you knew my friend, then you would know that she is just going to love this tea cosy!!

Tea Time x


 I have also made a start on my scrappy afghan… I want this to be huge at least big enough for Mr R and I to snuggle under together, so I’m not even going to do the maths and work out how many squares… as that may be rather disheartening to know!  But, this is the width and I’m x3 rows in, so I’m a happy Robin.  It’s a long term project always in the back ground, but always a joy to hook.  It’s a bit like having an old friend that you get excited to see, you know you can always pick up where you left off from, easy and relaxing and just a pleasure to be with, well that’s this blanket!!


tiny little granny squares
tiny little granny squares


I love a simple granny!
I love a simple granny!


The happy ripple is almost done too, no pictures this week, but there will be some next week… About x5 more rows and a border and it will be done ready to gift at the end of this month.

So there is week 3 all wrapped up!


13 thoughts on “Roses and Posies tea cosy

  1. I love the cosy!! You can’t beat a good tea cosy! Your sweet peas are lovely too – ours are doing brilliantly this year, so much so I have lost count how many little posies I have made.


  2. That is the cutest tea cozy EVAH! LOL! I have that book and last year I boastfully said I was going to make it all! Ha! Ha! Who was I kidding? But I did make the crochet hook caddy but it still needs to be lined and I made the banner and started on the blanket. Is your granny square from the book? It’s gorgeous and I too love to have a few projects around that you can just pick up and start working without too much concentration….like at the end of the day when you’re really tired and just want to relax. Your crochet work is so perfect. The roses are beautiful. You have great taste in projects…I love them all!


  3. What a great tea cosy! I think it’s just awesome, I love your scrappy ghan it’s going to be so bright and cheery and perfect for snuggling.


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