bones and ribbons


A crafty little tutorial today…Christmas dog wreaths, for the pooch in your life!

Easy peasy to make, here is what you will need…

wreaths...these are bought, cost £1 each, but you could make one from some coat hanger wire...
wreaths…these are bought, cost £1 each, but you could make one from some coat hanger wire…
your dogs favourite biscuits...
your dogs favourite biscuits…
raffia, or ribbon
raffia, or ribbon…
cut raffia into lengths...
cut raffia into lengths…
tie onto wreath...
tie onto wreath…
Attach a length of raffia to top of wreath to hang...
Attach a length of raffia to top of wreath to hang…

Easy Christmas dog wreath.


A yarny Angel

This divine angel is made by hooking 2 small granny squares and assembling with a few bits and pieces.  I made mine in a white yarn with a silver sparkle…the pattern is by the very talented Priscilla Hewitt  (search Granny square angel on her site) and is super simple to follow and in no time at all you could have your own host…. 


This Cosy Journey continues


 I posted earlier in the week about my big disaster in the Christmas present crochet arena… a calamity which at any other time I would have perceived as a mishap, but at this time of year, has escalated into an undue burden, helped only in that it was as a consequence of a school girl error on my part…in short I only had myself to blame!!

almost done!
almost done!

After long evenings of hard pressed hooking I have completed the body of the ‘her’ part of the ‘his and hers’ blanket set…and have commenced the ‘his’ blanket.  To relieve the pressure, I have decided to set my goal more realistically and I aim to have both blankets finished to border stage…after all Christmas is all about love and as the intended recipients are my Mom and Dad and they love me very much…I can complete the borders if necessary on Boxing Day.

even the ends have been woven in!
even the ends have been woven in!

The Cosy Cottage blanket is just so beautifully girly and I have, despite my error, loved, loved, loved hooking it… I think my Mom  will be so pleased with the colours too.  I have followed the colour sequence that Lucy from Attic 24, used in her cottage ripple blanket, take a look if you want all the details of Lucy’s  exquisite colour placement.

colour therapy
colour therapy

This is how the ‘his’ blanket, which I am naming the Eastern Bluebird Cosy blanket is looking so far…

6 bands done!
6 bands done!

I love how the essence of the blanket changes and grows with each colour band that is lovingly added. 

for my Dad
for my Dad

Guess what I’m off to do now…. yes, this cosy journey continues.




A peek in to Christmas

One of the things that I have really enjoyed this December, when peeking into other blogs and generally taking a good look around, is glimpsing how other people do Christmas… so here is a little peek around the robin’s nest.

our Christmas tree
our Christmas tree

I love the designer trees and the minimalist trees in the shops and I always catch myself thinking how I would love to get one.  This year I fell in love with an all white one with sherbet coloured decorations… but I adore more, our tree, decorated by the boys with our mismatched decorations that we have accumulated over the years, most of which are attached to a lovely memory…like the spherical robin bauble at the bottom of this photo, gifted to us by dear friends.

deck the halls...
deck the halls…
pretty Christmas bows
pretty Christmas bows
stockings...just waiting to be filled
and stockings…just waiting to be filled
party shoes!
party shoes that I just couldn’t resist!
the nativity
and the nativity

Certainly the most important part of Christmas for us…the reason for Christmas…the birth of Jesus.

16 days to go!

colour therapy
colour therapy

Just a short update this week and here is why…..

It is with great panic that I have to report that I am still hooking the main body of this blanket, which is my Mom’s Christmas present (I have one to start for my Dad, yet, hence the panic!!)

I had almost finished it last week, when I noticed a distinct increase in stitches, meaning the sides were not straight.  The reality of this meant that I had to rip out over a weeks worth of hooking and so now I am behind…seriously!  My ONLY saving grace might be that I finish work on the 18th so may be able to make some time up then.

My error…simply becoming complacent and not counting every 4th row or so as this is such a simple pattern.  Anyway, let’s not dwell, lesson learnt and it is such a lovely pattern that I am still very much in love with it.

Now, I must get back to my hook