Spring Bunny Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

Spring Bunny Lovey

Fancy hooking up your own Spring Bunny Lovey, well you can…because I’m going to share my pattern with you and just in time for Easter. You will find all the pattern details in this post or you can purchase an ad-free copy for less than a cuppa just here.

This cute Spring bunny is sure to become baby’s best friend. Using Oeko Tex standard 100 approved 100% cotton in a 4ply; this lovey is soft to snuggle and is perfectly safe to chew on.

The pattern is simple and quick to hook up and uses only 50g of cotton plus a tiny amount for the bow… just perfect for gifting a special little someone! I made this in an afternoon so it really is a quick make.

crochet lovey, crochet comforter

With her rosy cheeks and little criss cross nose, this little bunny has the sweetest face and floppy ears. The granny square blanket adds a vintage vibe coupled with it’s neutral tones.

A word on yarn choice

I have opted to use Drops Safran 100% cotton as it is not only affordable, but it has a great colour pallete too. It was also really important to me that I chose a cotton that was Oeko Tex standard 100 approved; which means the cotton has been certified to be free of harmful chemicals and is safe for human use, as well as being verified as both safe and non-irritating to human skin. As this bunny lovey was inspired by a very precious little human, I wanted to be sure there were no hidden nasties.

Pattern Protocols

This pattern including all photos are the property of Nicola Florence at ayarnyrobin.wordpress.com. Please do not modify, resell, publish in part or in full, or share this pattern or photo’s as your own. You may sell finished items made from this pattern, (subject to toy making regulations) I hope it becomes a hot item for you; but please credit, with a link, that the item is made using @yarnyrobin pattern / #springbunnylovey

You will need

3mm hook or hook size  to meet gauge


2 pins        

Darning needle & sewing needle

stitch marker – optional

Polyester toy filling (fire safety standard / EN71)


You will also need

50g of Drops Safran 100% cotton colour 21 (camel)

2g of Drops Safran 100% cotton colour 01 (desert rose pink)

Small amount of black embroidery floss

Pattern Notes

This pattern is written using UK crochet terminology and the stitch abbreviations can be found below. I have included US terminology in brackets if you wish to convert.

The head, arms and ears are made in continuous rounds or spirals. It is a method commonly used in amigurumi and means there will be no visible seams. Therefore, when you start a new round just work it into the next st. I recommend marking the first st of each round with a st marker.

Starting chains in the blanket section counts as a stitch throughout the pattern unless otherwise stated. Repeats are marked by asterisks *.

Stitch Abbreviations:

Ch- chain / chain (US)                               St – stitch / stitch (US)

Slst – slip stitch / slip stitch (US)              Tr – treble / double crochet (US)

Dc – double crochet / single crochet (US)   BLO – back loop only

Htr – half treble / half double (US)             

Dc2tog – decrease / Sc2tog – decrease (US)

Dc: Insert hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 2 loops on hook, yarn over again and pull through both loops on hook.                  

Tr: Yarn over hook, insert hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 3 loops on hook, yarn over again and pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through last 2 loops on hook.

Htr: Yarn over hook, insert hook into chain or under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 3 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on hook.

BLO: Work stitch as stated, but in back loop of stitch only.

Dc2tog – decrease st worked over 2 stitches: insert hook under both loops of stitch, yarn over and pull through so there are 2 loops on your hook, insert hook into next st, yarn over and pull through so there are 3 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through all 3 loops.


Please check your gauge to obtain stated size and to ensure yarn quantities stated are achieved. If your swatch is too small, try going up a hook size to obtain gauge. If your swatch size is too big try going down a hook size to obtain gauge.  Of course, gauge isn’t imperative as this is not a garment that is worn. However, if you do not check your gauge, you may need more yarn than stated and your lovey may turn out smaller or larger than stated.

Gauge swatch 4” x4” / 10cms x10cms  – 20 rows of 17dc / (17sc)

Lovey approx. size 10” x 10” / 25cms x 25cms  



Round 1: 6dc into 2nd ch from hook (6dc / 6sc )

Round 2: 2dc in next st and in each st around (12dc / 12sc )

Round 3: *2dc in next st, dc in next st* repeat around (18dc / 18sc )

Round 4: *2dc in next st, dc in next 2 sts* repeat around (24dc / 24sc )

Round 5: * 2dc in next st, dc in next 3 sts * repeat around (30dc / 30sc )

Round 6: *2dc in next st, dc in next 4 sts* repeat around (36dc / 36sc )

Round 7: *2dc in next st, dc in next 5 sts* repeat around (42dc / 42sc )

Round 8: *2dc in next st, dc in next 6 sts* repeat around (48dc / 48sc )

Round 9 – 13: dc in each st around (48dc / 48sc )

Round 14: *dc2tog, dc in next 6 sts* repeat around (42dc / 42sc)

Round 15: *dc2tog, dc in next 5 sts* repeat around (36dc / 36sc )

Round 16: *dc2tog, dc in next 4 sts* repeat around (30dc / 30sc )

Round 17: *dc2tog, dc in next 3 sts* repeat around (24dc / 24sc )

Round 18: *dc2tog, dc in next 2 sts* repeat around (18dc / 18sc ) 

Now tightly stuff head with safety toy filling

In Back Loops Only (BLO)

Round 19: *dc2tog, dc in next st* repeat around (12dc / 12sc ) 

Fasten off leaving a long tail.  You will use this to sew the head to the blanket.  

How to embroider the face

Take a long length of embroider floss and split off 3 strands by holding them and pulling down the whole length.  When making your stitches do not pull them to tight, a gentle tension is all that is needed. I embroidered the face with one long length of floss, to do this pull your stitches through slowly, to prevent tangling and /or knotting.


Start by threading your sewing needle and inserting it through the bottom of the head and leaving a small tail visible hanging from the stuffing. Exit needle on row 6 from the bottom of the head, insert needle diagonally into row 8. I made my diagonal stitch over 3 dc’s width. Exit needle in row 6 under previous entry point and insert at opposite diagonal. Do not fasten off move straight onto the eyes.


Insert pin to mark where the eye will start, above and inline with the outside of the nose on the right side (facing you) with the floss still on your needle exit in st marked by your needle on row 11, insert needle in a gentle diagonal on row below, exit needle horizontally on same row about 2sts across, insert needle at point of last entry (back stitch), exit needle in a gentle diagonal on outside edge of eye on row above the horizontal st just made, exit needle below lid a ¼ of the way from the outside of eye and insert needle in a straight line to eye lid to make first eyelash. Exit needle below outside edge of lid at a slight angle and insert needle at outside edge of eye lid to make final eye lash. Do not fasten off.

Exit needle at point for second eye and repeat process. Finish by bringing floss through the bottom of the head and tie with starting tail and trim ends.

Ears (Make 2)


Round 1: 6dc into 2nd ch from hook, (6dc / 6sc )

Round 2: 2dc in each st around. (12dc / 12sc )

Round3: *2dc in next st, 1dc in next st* repeat around (18dc / 18sc )

Round 4 – 7: dc in each st around (18dc / 18sc )

Round 8: dc2tog, dc in next 14sts, dc2tog,  (16dc / 16sc )

Round 9: dc2tog, dc in next 12sts, dc2tog  (14htr / 14sc )

Round 10: dc2tog, dc in next 10sts, dc2tog (12dc / 12sc )

Rounds 11 – 14: dc in each st around (12dc / 12sc )

Round 15: dc2tog all around (6dc /  6sc ) Fasten off and leave along tail, now with a darning needle attach the ears securely to the head by sewing along both the outer side and under side of the ear, catching under the stitches of the head and the ear. You may find it helpful to pin the ears into position before you sew them on. This helps you to decide on a good position and will prevent lopsided ears! Once competed weave in any loose ends.


With pink cotton

Ch 6

Row 1: dc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch along, turn (5dc / 5sc )

Row 2 – 10: dc in each st along, turn  (5dc / 5sc )

Fasten off and weave in ends. Take long piece of cotton and tie a knot in the middle of bow, snipping short the shorter tail. Now wrap long tail several times around the middle of the bow taking care to cover the tail you snipped short. To finish take the cotton wrapped around the bow and thread needle, finish by taking needle through the wrapped cotton on the backside and knot, leaving a long tail. Now with a darning needle, securely sew bow to the head and weave in any loose ends.

Now with a small amount of blusher on a brush add two little rosy cheeks to the face.

Arms (Make 2)


Round 1: 7dc into 2nd ch from hook, (7dc / 7sc )

Round 2 – 23: dc in each st around   (7dc / 7sc )

Fasten off leaving a long tail. With a darning needle attach to underside of head securely by sewing along both the outer side and under side of the arm, catching under the stitches of the head and the arm. You may find it helpful to pin the arms into position before you sew them on. Finish by sewing criss cross the bottom of head to close the gap.


Ch 6, slst to 1st ch to form a ring

Round 1: Ch3 (counts as tr) 15tr into ring, join with a slst to top of ch3        (16tr / 16dc )

Round 2: ch3 (counts as a tr) tr in same space, ch1, 2tr in same space, *ch1, miss a st, 2tr in next st, ch1, miss a stitch, (2tr in next st, ch1, 2tr in same space)* repeat * – * twice, ch1, miss a st, 2tr in next st, ch1, slst to top of ch3, slst to corner space

Round 3: ch3 (counts as a tr) tr in same space, ch1, 2tr in same space, *ch1,  2tr in next ch space, ch1, 2tr in next ch space, ch1, (2tr in next ch space, ch1, 2tr in same space)* repeat * – * twice, ch1, 2tr in next ch space, ch1, 2tr in next ch space, ch1, slst to top of ch3, slst to corner space

Rounds 4 – 8: continue rounds as round 3, you will have an extra set of 2tr, ch1 along each side in each row.

Ie/ continue with corner spaces = 2tr, ch1, 2tr, ch1

Sides = 2tr, ch1

Rounds 9 – 14: Continue as rounds 4 – 8 but add 2ch in corner spaces

Ie/ continue with corner spaces = 2tr, ch2, 2tr, ch1

Sides = 2tr, ch1

Round 15: ch2 (counts as htr), htr in same space, ch2, 2htr in same space, htr in each st and in each space along edge

Corner space = 2htr, ch2, 2htr

Fasten off and weave in ends

Now with the long tail from the head, thread darning needle and position head in centre of blanket with the face pointing to a corner of the blanket (on the diagonal) sew securely all around utilising the front loops from round 19 of head. You will also need to sew blanket to the arms also.  I like to sew around the head twice just for added security.

I hope you enjoy making this Spring bunny lovey. I would love to see your makes; the easiest way to do this is to share them on your social media by tagging me @yarnyrobin and using #springbunnylovey it will honestly make me do a happy dance and I would love to share them too!

 You can also follow me on Instagram at @yarnyrobin and on facebook as Baby_yarnyrobin for discounts and latest updates.


This post contains affiliate links.

New Crochet Patterns Available…

crochet baby blanket and bonnet pattern

The Waiting for You baby blanket crochet pattern is now available in my Etsy store and comes in 2 sizes. You can purchase as a bundle and get the blanket and bonnet pattern for a discounted price, or you can buy them separately if you prefer. I have added a little bonus pattern for free too, which will be available to download with your purchase.

Although the bonnet pattern is written for aran weight yarn and the blanket suggests DK weight yarn, I suggest you hold two strands of DK together when making the bonnet if you want the blanket and bonnet made in the same yarn. That is what I did for the one in the picture above and it worked really well.

crochet blanket and bonnet set
crochet baby blanket

I would love to see your makes so don’t forget to tag me on your social media @yarnyrobin or use the #waitingforyoublanket


Waiting For You Baby Blanket

I am so pleased this baby blanket is off my hook, because I can’t wait to get another one on my hook but in a different colour. This beautiful vintage peach one is stroller size (33″ x 30″) and I would really like to make a slightly bigger version, so I’m not going to release the pattern just yet. I do have one pattern tester slot left for this blanket, so do get in touch with me if you fancy hooking this. If you have never pattern tested before that’s ok…it’s quite a simple process and I would be really grateful. You will get the edited pattern and another pattern of your choice for free as a thank you.

I have loved making this blanket, I love how the chunky rib border has those beautiful rounded edges and how those accent dots line up politely. The simplicity of this blanket is its charm and I have called it The Waiting for You blanket; because it is the perfect thing to make whilst you are waiting for a special arrival.

Incidentally, today happens to be random act of kindness day. I don’t think we should have a day dedicated to random kindness, I think that should be just a part of every day business. However, in the spirit of #randomactofkindnessday if you pop over to my instagram page (@yarnyrobin) you will find my pattern giveaway competition…but hurry as I will be drawing it on 18th Februaryy 2022 at 12noon GMT…that’s tomorrow!


Baby Blanket pattern Testers Wanted…

Crochet Baby Blanket
Waiting for You Baby Blanket

So, I have a new blanket on my hooks. It has been a long time since I made anything bigger than a hat, so I am really enjoying the hooking and process of writing the pattern…even if I did have to frog an enormous amount…see here for the proof!

I am also on the hunt for a handful of pattern testers, so if you are interested here are the deets… there will be 2 sizes of blanket

baby blanket and stroller blanket

You need to provide your own yarn – dk weight (approx 400g in main colour and 100g in accent colour…I think…I’m still not done making the original!

Time – I need you to be able to complete the test within 4 weeks of receiving the pattern and i’m hoping to release in March.

Spot any typo’s, pattern mistakes or make suggestions if you have any.

Finally, be able to share with me a clear well lit shot…think insta worthy!

In return I will send you the full edited pattern and also another pattern of your choice from my designs and I will love you forever. So, if you are up for testing then dm me, leave a message or contact me via insta and let’s become hooky buddies.


Get 10% off new pattern…

As promised my Toasty Earflap hat pattern is now available to purchase over in my etsy shop. Available in sizes newborn – large adult it really is a pattern suitable for the whole family. Grab 10% off all my patterns until Sunday 30th Jan 2022 using code HAPPY10


How to crochet the crab stitch…video tutorial

I am very excited to be releasing my Toasty Earflap Hat pattern tomorrow…so watch this space! It will be available in sizes newborn to large adult, and is a really super pattern for all the family… I have already made myself and Mr R one to keep our ears toasty warm on our freezing dog walks.

I have made a very quick video to demonstrate how to crochet the crab stitch, which is the final round of the hat. I thought it may be helpful. Let me know what you think

How to crochet the Crab stitch

Free Galentines Coffee Cup Cosy…

crochet coffee cup cosy

It’s been a while since I gave you a free pattern and I really wanted to share something with you to celebrate Galentines Day, which is only a couple or so weeks away now. What’s more I’ve teamed up with my favourite coffee brand at Campfire Coffee, so you can grab 15% off some seriously awesome premium craft coffee to gift with your cosy or to sup yourself. Just use code


(campfire coffee offer entitles you to 15% off your order, one use per person and not valid on subscription orders)

I recommend the coffee bags for great coffee on the go!

This cute coffee cup cosy has a cute ribbed top brim and a chic lacy body made from clusters of v stitches, before nipping in at the base with a band of double crochet stitches and being finished with a yarny little heart.

The pattern is simple and quick to hook up and can be made from stash… just perfect for gifting and treating your best friends with or of course yourself!

You will need:

a small amount baby / sport weight yarn. I used Scheepjes stone washed in Moon Stone and Red Jasper. Pattern does share how to make cosy smaller or larger, so dk yarn will work also.

3.5mm hook,

darning needle to weave in the ends. 

Abbreviations used UK terminology (American terminology in brackets)

st – stitch

slst – slip stitch

ch – chain

dc – double crochet (sc -single crochet)

htr – half treble crochet (hdc – half double crochet)

tr – treble crochet (dc – double crochet)

dtr – double treble (tr – treble crochet)

Turning ch does not count as a st unless otherwise stated

V cluster st – in same st, 2tr, ch1, 2tr (in same st 2dc, ch1, 2dc)

We will start by making the ribbed brim.


Row 1: Dc in second ch from hook and in each st along (4dc), ch1 turn,


Row 2: Dc in each st along, ch1 turn (4dc)

crochet coffee cup cosy
when making the rib, crochet into the back loop of each stitch only as shown.

Rows 3 – 33: repeat row 2 (increase or decrease rows in rib to fit around your cup. Rib number of rows must however be a multiple of 3, remember the cosy will stretch) join rib ends with a slst  to form a circle, ch1

Round 1: work 33 dc into top of rib, ch2 (or dc the equivalent number to rows in your rib eg/ 30 rows in rib then 30dc in row 4)

crochet coffee cup cosy

Round 2: * v cluster in 1st st, miss 2sts,*  repeat * – * to end of round, join with a slst in top of ch2 (11 v clusters)

Round 3:  ch2, *v cluster in ch 1 of previous round* see picture below. Repeat * – * all around, slst in top of ch2

crcochet coffee cup cosy pattern

Round 4 – 6: repeat round 3

Round 7:  ch1, dc in first st, *miss a st, dc in next st* repeat all around, slst in top of ch1 (29dc)

Round 8 – 10:  ch1, dc in each st around, slst in top of ch1 (29dc) fasten off at end of round 10.

In accent colour make heart. If you would like more of a photo tutorial for this click here otherwise follow the instructions below.

crochet heart


Round 1: 10dc into 2nd ch from hook, slst in to top of 1st dc form a circle

Round 2: Ch 1, 2dc into each st around (20dc)

Round 3: Ch4 (counts as a dtr), 1dtr in the next 3 sts, 1tr in next 4sts, 1htr in next st, dc in next st, ch3, slst into same space (this creates a picot), dc in next st, 1htr in next st, 1tr in next 4 sts, 1dtr in next 4 sts, slst in to ch1 of beginning ch4.

Round 4: ch4 (counts as a dtr), 3dtr into next 3sts, (these are actually the chains from previous round) 1tr in next 3 sts, 1htr into the next st, 1dc in next 4sts, slst in picot space, ch3, slst in to same space (picot made), 1dc in next 4 sts,1htr in next st, 1tr in next 3 sts, 1dtr in next 4sts,

slst in to  the cleft of the heart to finish. Fasten off leaving a long tail and sew to cosy, weaving in any loose ends.

Now, just make as many cosy’s as you have best friends and don’t forget to grab 15% off some awesome coffee to complete your gift by using code


over at Campfire Coffee while you can!

campfire coffee offer entitles you to 15% off your order, one use per person and not valid on subscription orders


Pattern Tester Call Out…

Hey lovelies, I’m in need of pattern testers again. This time for my Toasty Ear Flap Hat. Written for sizes newborn – large adult.

crochet hat patterncrochet hat pattern

Here’s what I’m looking for.

Do I need to have test crochet before?

Nope… as long as you can crochet and read from a written pattern you are good to apply to be my tester. Infact, I am looking for people with varying abilities of crochet.

Is there a deadline?

Yes…if you are successful in applying for the role of tester I will require you to finish the test within a week of receiving the pattern.

Other than crochet the pattern on time what else do you need me to do? Good question!  I will need you to give me lots of feedback, to include the good, the bad and the ugly! Spot typo’s and grammatical errors and make pattern corrections. I need you to keep in touch even if this means you can’t meet the deadline…life happens, I understand that.

I also require a good quality photo of the finished item that I will be able to use on all social media, my blog and in my Etsy shop…I will of course tag you. Photo’s need to be clear and free from a cluttered background…think insta worthy!

I will require you to be active on social media, ideally you need to be active on Instagram and or facebook with a public account….What does this mean? I would like you to share photo’s with specific hashtags for the pattern, both during and after testing and the pattern is available on general release,

Do I get paid to test a pattern?

Nope…I wish I could say yes, but sadly the answer is no! You also need to be able to provide your own materials…in this case a small quantity of aran / worsted weight yarn and fluffy pompom (or make your own woolly pompom)  However, you will get the pattern fully edited for free and you can choose another of my patterns for free also. If your photo’s are of good quality I will use them here on my blog and in my social media / Etsy shop and I will always tag you so people can head your way!

So if you are interested and can turn this around for me within 7 days,  and you are happy with the terms above, ideally send me a direct message on instagram…you will find me @yarnyrobin.   I have about 4 spaces available and if you are successful I will be in touch within the next week.


Crochet Angel

crochet angel

Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful. Isn’t she lovely made from love

Lionel Ritchie

Let me start by saying I simply loved hooking every stitch of her. Isn’t she just adorable. I made her for a lovely sidekicksista aka a beautiful crafty friend. I can’t wait to hook another crochet angel. I would love to gift some more and make one for myself too.

The pattern is certainly not for beginners and it took a little deciphering, however it is a beautiful pattern that did not disappoint. I have never hooked with such a small hook before, a 2.5mm! That also took a little practice. The pattern states to hook with a fingering weight yarn held double stranded and gave a lovely denseness to the fabric of the doll.

I love everything about this angel, from her crazy curly hair to her button fastened limbs and little blush cheeks (which were ridiculously good fun to paint on)

Here are the full pattern details

PATTERN: Crochet Angel

By: Irina Moilova @crochetconfetti

You should also know, before you fall down this crochet angel hole…she has lots of other beautiful dolls to make…you may get hooked!


Welcome back…

Welcome back…It has been a while!

Welcome to you, if you used to stop by here and spend some time with me, it’s good to have you here. And if this is your first time here, you are very welcome. Please stay, grab a cuppa and I will tell you what has happened here at the nest whilst the world has gone crazy!

It is sooooo good to be back here, in this lovely spot of the cyberspace. I have not dropped in for so long, but the time is right to start writing again. I think we can all agree that the world has changed so much over the last couple of years with Covid.

How are you?

Really, how are you? let me know in the comments below, I would really love to catch up with you.

I’ll start with a little nest update and then share my hooky plans for this year…I’ve got lots planned. So, if you want to skip the nest update and jump straight to the crochet, skip the next couple of paragraphs…I don’t mind.

The big news is the little Robins are not so little anymore and are now 18,17 and 14 years old… yep! how does that happen so quickly? The eldest is teetering on the nest edge and has pretty much fledged…I am full of pride and fear all rolled into one.

labrador dog
Our Alfie…

Our saddest news occured in October when we had to say a very hard goodbye to our beloved labrador, Alfie. He was the grand old age of 15 years, 9 months and 6 days old, when rainbow bridge finally called him. We buried him in our garden and I miss him so much. He will be in our hearts forever.

Little Jess was so good and seemed to understand where her pal had gone, but it wasn’t long before Mr R suggested we should find her another buddy as she has never been on her own before.

I felt like it would be a betrayal and couldn’t settle the idea in my heart. A couple of months later, Mr R had found a lovely little chap and had called to see if he was still available, but had to leave a message. That night as we waited for a call back, Alfie came to me in a dream and licked my hand. The following morning the lady called and said the handsome little fella was still available and we went to fetch him home… it felt with Alfie’s blessing.

lurcher puppy
Introducing Duke…

Let me introduce you to Duke, he is now 16 weeks old. He’s a cheeky chappy, who loves a cuddle and to zoom about the house. His Mother is an Italian greyhound and his Dad is a Beddlington terrier / Whippet mix, so he shouldn’t grow too much bigger. He has settled well and Jess seems to approve. Life has a way of being heartbreakingly, beautiful and hope is everywhere, if you just look for it.

So, you are up to date largely. Lockdown was full of Mr R renovating the garden whilst I worked through. I have impressively pinned an enormous amount to my pintrest boards, oh! and have wrestled a large dose of unwanted anxiety. I didn’t do a great deal of crochet, other than orders, which I was grateful for.

My big plan this year though is to get back to blogging and pattern writing and sharing it with you. That is what I enjoy and have come to realise, I have missed. My baby Etsy shop has been great fun over the last couple of years; and to my suprise has been quite successful. However, I have made the decision to make it a pattern shop as of now. There are several reasons for this, the first and main one being time!

Whilst crocheting to order is great and has been very satisfying it leaves me zero time to write patterns and to crochet other things…like the crochet angel at the top of this post (I will post about this separatley). I also don’t want to have to deal with orders getting lost in the mail (this seemed to happen several times last year).

So a pattern shop it is…and that, well that makes me happy, very happy indeed. I have lots of ideas and I have missed being here…it may be a bit old school but I aint’ getting tiktok and reels!

crochet hat, crochet hat pattern, ear flap hat, newborn to adult crochet hat pattern
my toasty ear flap hat

This is what I am currently writing up…’my toasty earflap hat’. It will be available in sizes newborn to large adult. I made this one for me, for the bitingly cold dog walks I am taking every day. It is so warm and toasty, hence the name. It is perfect for those cold winter days and I’m looking forward to making it available.

I still need a couple of pattern testers, so if you have some aran yarn in a couple of colours (less than 100g) and you are able to turn this around within the next week or so, drop me a message. You would need to provide me with some good quality photo’s and in return I will send you the fully edited pattern.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough. Now it’s your turn…let me know how you are doing by leaving a message below.


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