Etsy shop now open…

For those of you who have asked…It’s now open. I have started with a little stock, but will be adding some more cute baby stuff very soon.

I would love your feedback, please pop over and tell me what you think…the link is just here or you can click the Etsy tab at the top of this site.

Off to do some more hooking now!

Have a great week.



14 thoughts on “Etsy shop now open…

  1. Lovely shop!! The child’s hat is just adorable, and that grey blanket looks so comfy! I started my shop in 2014, let me if I can be of any help!

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      1. The biggest things are good pictures, SEO, and adding a link to each listing leading back to your main shop page (to keep them in your shop longer). Then it’s all in the marketing and sharing on Social Media. If you have any specific questions, I’m always available! Contact me anywhere!


      2. Thank you so much, I have added links back to my main shop page on all my listings now, that was really useful to know. I have just received x2 custom orders this morning so that takes my total number of sales to 6 within my first month…just need some good reviews now I think.

        I really like the jewellery that you make, you have a beautiful and unique shop.

        Thanks for your kindness…I will pass it on xx

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