All done…Vintage Vibe baby blanket.

Thank you so much for all the messages of support for my new Etsy Shop, whether it was over on Insta or in the comments thread here, I have been so encouraged by your wishes. 

I have stopped by today though to show you a finished project…yes I know it’s been a while!  Do you remember this…

crochet blanketThe post is just here, if you want to read in more detail…but in a nut shell, I named this project my ‘Make do’ blanket, because I used the yarn from my stash and just made do with what I had.  I honestly thought it would look rubbish…but, I actually really LOVE it.

grannystripe baby blanket on etsyThe random colours coupled with the granny stitch give it a real vintage vibe.

granny stripe baby blanket on etsy

I finished it off with this beautiful sustainably sourced cork label which I have recently had custom made.  Check this shop out if you’d like labels like this (no affiliate link…I just love this shop!).

baby blanket on etsy

I bordered it in red, as this yarn was what I had the most of, I only just had enough to add one round of granny stitches…I really would have liked to have added several more rows to make a wider band around the blanket, but this is my ‘make do’ blanket, so one round it was.

baby blanket on Etsy

All in all, I am thrilled with this make, it’s busted some stash, become something beautiful and was quite quick to make.  I now have a corner to corner on my hook, if you follow me on insta then you may have seen some sneak peeks, but if not, I will put a post up all about that really soon…It’s an awesome pattern. 

What have you got on the go at the moment?  I would love to know.


12 thoughts on “All done…Vintage Vibe baby blanket.

  1. Your make-do blanket looks great! You seem to have a better-coordinated stash of yarn than I have, but I’m inspired to take up the challenge. Love the custom-made button, too. I’ll check out that site. I really appreciate hearing your insights re: projects on your hook. I’m taking a break from big projects by making cotton washcloth sets (3 to a set, tied with a ribbon) for a local shop. People seem to like them!

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    1. Ahh…thank you. You know I really didn’t like the colours when I first started hooking this blanket, but as it grew bigger it grew into my heart. I think the red ties it together somehow.
      It’s lovely to hear you have an outlet for your washcloths, they sound very pretty…it feels good to have your handmade items appreciated. Let me know how you go with a scrap blanket xx


  2. Your Make Do blanket is gorgeous!! I love the look of “leftover” yarn blankets and afghans. Reminds me of my Step-Mom’s crocheting. Some day I would like to make a blanket like your’s. I just love that granny square stitch. I am working on many projects right now, trying to get things finished. I have 10 cross stitch projects that I would like to get finished, so I am working on each of the them a week at a time. In between, I have 2 knitting projects going and 2 crochet projects. I dream of the day I can get back to working on 1 project at a time from start to finish. I will have to check out instagram for a peek at your next project 😉

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  3. That make do blanket is pretty. I am making squares for an adult sweater for myself. I also still have the bathtub floor rug to work on. I will be starting some toe socks for my younger brother soon as I figure out how to make them size 13 for his huge feet. 🙂

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