My Yarny Knitting Adventure part 3…


  In which wine is not involved!

I have not knitted every day this week; I have done a wee bit though.  Most of my yarn time has been given over to a beautiful crochet baby blanket and to getting the pattern and tutorial ready to go out in a couple of days, which actually has been quite time consuming…

It’s a good job I love to do nothing better! 

But back to knitting…this is what I have completed. 

learning to knit

I have completed 35 rows of stocking stitch. 

Told you it wasn’t much…but this is what I have learned.  Purl stitch is spelt P.U.R.L… not as I had spelt it in my last post! 

 I think I can count the rows better if I look at the purl side.  I also have been keeping track of which row I am leaving my stitches at by emailing myself…you may laugh but it works for me! 

I have also had another little lesson with Mom, no wine involved this time;  in which we discussed and she demonstrated increasing and decreasing and I got a little frustrated…! 

Mom also gave me an old pattern just to look through and get familiar with the terms and just actually reading a knitting pattern…which got me thinking that making these squares is a bit dull. 

Before I knew where I was, it was way past midnight and I had picked out a few easy knit mitts and beanies over on ravelry…this is my favourite just here

Now do you think I should really start something just yet?



part 1 of my knitting adventure is just here

 part 2 of my knitting adventure is just here






21 thoughts on “My Yarny Knitting Adventure part 3…

    1. It’s really difficult typing on the laptop with a 7.8 kilo cat sittting between my knees and resting his beautiful head on the front of the left arn …
      That word is meant to be Make, of course. Sighhh …

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      1. He’s fairly ginormous, yes. For some reason of late he’s developed a passion for licking my hands. You should try crocheting (or knitting, as I’m currently doing), with that going on … :-}

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  1. Yes, go for it! I think you learn more and faster if you pick something you actually want to make and learn the new skills you need and how to overcome problems on the way. As you say, square swatches are dull!

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  2. I think you should try knitting something besides just squares. Nothing wrong with knitting squares, it helps with stitches, and tension and all. But if you feel like knitting something, just start. If you need more practice then make another square. 🙂 Just have fun.


  3. Go for a simple pattern, I think I learnt more from knitting by following a pattern 🙂
    You are picking it up so well, I like Moss stitch best but its a little bit confusing if you go wrong!


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