A Wee Scottish Adventure…

Last weekend Mr R and I took the train and embarked upon a wee Scottish adventure. 

It was business for Mr R but I tagged along with my hook and yarn.  The temptation of a long train journey without the little Robins was just too much, even if it did mean an early start!


  It provided a whole few hours of just sitting watching the world go by with just Mr R for company and the opportunity for guilt free hooking…what was not to love!

ayarnyrobin crochet on a trainI got some more rows done on my Charming Harbour Blanket…I am still hooking away at this.  It is rather slow going, not because of the pattern, more the sheer size of the thing and the fact that I am only working on it every now and then.  But, I am enjoying the hook and I do not have any deadline pressures with this one.  

Crochet blanket
Charming Harbour blanket PHD

The journey to Glasgow and then onto Ayrshire was hassle free and I can highly recommend hooking on a train…there is something  about the rhythm of the hooking combined with the uniform clickety clack of the train which hushes one into a calm serenity.

crochet crocheton the train

Mr R got the business thing done quickly and we wound our way down to the north Lake District and found a charming little place to stay in Cockermouth before heading back home to the little Robins because by then we were really beginning to miss them!



25 thoughts on “A Wee Scottish Adventure…

  1. Reblogged this on My gypsy life and commented:
    Great! I’d luv luv luv to see that part of the world. Someday…maybe my next honey moon hopefuly. Love ya’ll dears. Just keep in mind…winter ain’t forever.

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      1. Which must make it extra special, have you had any free time to work on your blanket ? I’m 3/4 through Attic 24’s Hydrangea blanket, it’s taking a while but that’s what I enjoy about large crochet projects ~you can pick them up when the moment is right, then not feel guilty if you don’t get round to them for a week or so

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      2. Hope you managed to squeeze a little crochet time over the weekend
        I’m using the same colours as Lucy recommended for her Hydrangea blanket although I’ve completed 2 of her cosy stripe blankets one in shades of browns & blues & one in summer flowers ~ both were a huge success x

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  2. I must try that the next time I come to the uk my husband is from the north lakes ait is a beautiful place to visit, When we are up that way we spend our time between Penrith Keswick and Workington seeing friends and family.

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  3. What a fab trip. I also love crocheting on a train… Just as long as I remember to pick everything up after! Last time I seemed to not notice that my tin of stitch markers had fallen out of the bag 🙁. Thankfully my stitching santa sent me more stitch markers, but I’m still sad about the ones I lost, and the cute little tin.

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  4. My sister just got back from her second trip to Scotland and is trying to convince me to join her next time. I don’t need much convincing. Looks like a beautiful country. Crocheting on a train sounds like a wonderful way to pass the time. Thanks for sharing!

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