15000 riders came past the bottom of our street yesterday, on a 100 mile ride on closed roads.  I made a coffee and took the very short walk in the early morning sunshine with the boys.

velo Birmingham 2017

I sat with my neighbours as we watched all sorts of people from all walks of life zoom past.

They rode so fast it made me a little dizzy, but they were so inspiring.  I guess all of them having different motives to complete the challenge.  

A lot of folk had been moaning about the extensive road closures…but I was excited, a few hours of something completely different and a rare chance for our community to come together and drink coffee on the pavement together and chat. 

I can’t tell you what 15000 riders looked like, I just know that for hours they poured down our hill, determined and pumped and probably a little exhausted, but exhilarated and achieving. 

I returned home, empty mug in hand

Velo Birmingham

I made a fresh coffee and settled down with new yarn and began to hook my newest project

crochet blanket, a new blanket…

a masculine and handsome edition to the blankets I have hooked in the past.  I’m 13 rows in and  loving it!




6 thoughts on “Velo BIRMINGHAM 2017

  1. I was there too, okay not exactly that spot, but was watching them on the local road closest to us. Put my daughter in her trike and son on his bike.


      1. Yes they did, where we was they was coming down a hill and round a bend, I thought they was going to go into the railing where we was standing. My daughter was cheering them on, my son didn’t seem too bothered, he just wanted to ride his bike, lol, his 4 so can’t blame him. It was so lovely to see it, just annoyed about the people constantly moaning about it.

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  2. I watched it on Grange road – a friend who lives there invited me for a Velo breakfast party – after the hill up from Lye you could see the relief on the faces as they zoomed down towards the station- it was exciting and hypnotic. Something a bit different – hope they do it again next year.


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