A quilting OUCH?

Oh deep joy!!!

The lost hours deep cleaning the back of beyond in my teenagers wardrobe has resulted in screams of delight followed by screams of pain as I fell off the ladder!!…but, I have finally found the long lost quilts….and sprained my ankle.  That aside look, look at these…


My bravery in summoning up the courage to venture into the teens room was rewarded well, when on tip toe I stood on one foot, precariously balanced on the handle of the step ladder, which of course was not tall enough.  It was also painful to stand on for longer than a second and peering my head into the deep dark recess of the cupboard I could see what looked like a familiar old sewing bag.  And so I grabbed a pillow and placed it over the handle of the step ladders (as in the style of an episode of Casualty*); where the impending injury is starkly apparent to all but the poor human it is about to befall.  I gave a large tug at the bag, screamed with delight as I cast my eye upon my long lost quilts and then drew in sharp breath as my foot slid of the handle of the step ladders and I plummeted to the floor with the quilts in hot pursuit. I will spare you a picture of my bruises!

  It was worth it though.

636089393114987629This is a beautiful single quilt patched from a jellyroll…I made it whilst recovering from surgery some years ago.  I have part hand quilted the main section and will have to ponder about how I finish the rest.

636089395575201470This is a lap quilt I began making years ago, before I learnt to crochet.  It is a Tilda pattern and I remember the roses around the little cottages took a long time to hand sew.  I really must get this quilted before this winter. Alas my PHD mountain has just grown some more!


*Casualty – a BBC drama about an accident and emergency dept

7 thoughts on “A quilting OUCH?

  1. Sorry about the sprain …even if your description of how said injury befell you gave me a fit of the giggles (sorry about that too) but OMGOODNESS look at those quilts !!!!! WOW & WOW again just beautiful

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  2. Ouch! I do love casualty and that would make a fab episode 😂😂
    Beautiful quilts….I’ve lost my hexagon quilt and I think it got thrown away 😣
    Looks like you’re going to be busy finishing your PHD! XX

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  3. Beautiful work and stunning fabric. I would have wanted to grab it to, step ladder or not. I will tell you a little secret I use when me stepladder turns out to be a little on the short side. Books!! I stack a load of large books on the floor to create a small platform, then place my ladder on top and climb. 🙂 Heaven forbid the books slip one day.
    Now go and put that ankle up on a pillow and enjoy the quilt, as I am positive it was very much worth all the climbing.
    Have a great weekend.

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