Linen cherry baby bar blanket

I have had such a lovely slow Saturday; a stark contrast from recent weekends which have been so hectic with essays and research.


I’ve played with colour ways finally deciding upon this colour way I’ve called ‘cherry stripe’.  The yarn being Drops Paris 100% cotton in:


rusty red

light old pink

dark beige

off white and

moss green


Then I hit you tube to learn a new stitch and opted for ‘linen stitch’.  It is actually a very simple double crochet (single crochet), chain stitch combo.  I like it because it hooks quickly, is economical with yardage, gives a lovely solid reversible fabric and is just perfect for my new baby blanket design…’Linen cherry baby bar blanket’.


So, that’s a sneeky peek, I’m off to hook some more.




9 thoughts on “Linen cherry baby bar blanket

  1. Lovely colours. I tried crocheting with Drops Paris but couldn’t get the hang of it. I found it kept splitting. Could just be the way I crochet though! But if you have any tips let me know as I still have it sitting there in my ever-expanding yarn collection! 🙂

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    1. Oh…sorry to hear that you still have thus lovely yarn in your stash. I haven’t found it to be too splitty…I know cotton can be though. I am using a 4mm hook with this yarn. It is unmercersized, which may make it more prone to splitting. I am using a very simple stitch which may be helping also. Good luck with the stash busting xx

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